Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween,world! :D And for those of you who don't celebrate, then greeting for you xD Being able to wake up at 830 is always a blessing, compared to competition days where we are forced to wake up at 7AM. blehhh I love practicing with the band, cus for the two hours of practice today, we basically BSed on the field the field the whole time- quite funny, especially when you're standing next to Jaelynn xD I swear, we are the two most retarded people in the world- I love it! :D As for the game this afternoon, I was basically tired the whole day. I slept on the way there and was just out of it for the first half. We met their other band during 3rd quarter; they were so damned wierd! One girl got Jae's number because they exchanged ringtones. It was hilarious that she texted Jae asking if it was okay that she gave her number to another person who asked for it. Also, the girl kept following her around and we continued to run away! I was also at the table making coffee with Shalier, and all of a sudden, a group of about 6 guys huddles around me as if they all wanted coffee. >.> Thats why one of them was behind me and reaching alll the way around to grab a cup. I was freaking out, in a funny way, and Jaelynn pulled me out of the crowd. We determined that it was time to walk away because that DEFINITELY wasn't wierd at all >.> Millburn kids are so white and wierd. >.> haha

Friday, October 30, 2009


I favor the idea of forgetting the events of earlier today during school. But story short, it involved uncalled for distance, feelings of being upset, and a shed of a couple tears on Rey's Eeyore plush. >.>

As for this afternoon, thing mended up. Even after period 12, my mind was still unsettled. I skipped the guard's ice cream party to be with you. That decision was a very easy one because I needed to know what was going on and hey, I'd rather be with you on any Friday, and especially this one in particular. I'm not such a sucker for dates, but as of today, we've been together for a month. =] It really had been an amazing month being able to spend every day with you, minus those dreaded weekends! Some days weren't the best, but it all molded together in the end into something better. Being able to lay with you somehow always makes my day 10x better, forgetting anything bad thats happened prior. I love you.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Temptation and anticipation- there is a very thin line between the two. As much as we wait for tomrrow, some things just cant handle the wait. I can't really look at this negatively because I do understand how you are and love you too much to even be mad. Regardless, I still love every second that I spend with you, whether it be sitting alone in a staircase or laughing hysterically at Ali trying to help us hide in the middle room.

Right now, I just finished making our t-shirt costumes for tomorrow during school. Although we could not think of something as great as our Ninja Turtles costumes from Freshmen Year, we did think of something- Swine Flu. Upon short notice, we are making three shirts. Ana is H1, Jaelynn is N1, and I am SWINE FLU!! Apparently I forgot to get some face masks, but Ana doesn't know that. I might try to pull some stealthy move tomorrow and try to go to Walgreens early morning and purchase some.. I hope she isn't reading this!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Like A Limp Koala

Happy Hump Day! XD Today was a pretty good day, nothing too bad happened. I love the second that the bell rings at 2:31PM. Getting through a whole day, I can now get my reward :D haha Spending time with him is what I look forward to every day, and it never disappoints me. Unfortunately, a friend of his was around, so we couldn't do much in the band room. It was still fun though.. I jumped onto his back and just hung there like a limp weight/koala. I don't usually feel comfortable jumping on people, because I'm too heavy for them to carry. In this case, Jacob didn't seem to have too much of a problem with me, it was shocking XD Rehearsal today was alright, just kind of boring. I absolutely love, though, how we have been sweating inside more than being outside. My gloves now have sweat blotches on it- quite attractive! As I talk to him now, it's getting really harder to wait for Friday. XD ..and yeah I know you're reading this. lol

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Run Until I Get Sick" My Ass!

Practice today was some kind of bullshit stunt pulled by our instructors. We practiced in the gym because we couldn't get the auditorium. Girls were constantly getting yelled at for timing issues, not doing the right work, or whatever reason PJ came up with. I don't know if he noticed, but to amplify any type of sound in a gym causes an echo. Therefore, girls in the back can't hear shiznit. I really feel bad for them, considering that Milenz had the nerve to tell us to take laps around gym until she got sick. We have no respect for her, under the fact that she tells us not to be lazy, as she sits down. (preferably with a bagel or some type of food in her mouth.) Previous to practice beginning, the girls found a volleyball and played around with the nice net. It was so fun! :D Hrmm..but I think the hours before that are what make up the highlight of my day. :] I hung out with Jacob the whole afternoon, sitting in the staircase, hoping no one would pass by. The track team was down the hall the whole time, so I got paranoid. haha goood day =D

Monday, October 26, 2009

Arrrrr Ima Pirate =D

Soooo I just pirated this blog muahahaha >:D.... hmmm so today was quite interesting... i did like absolutely nothing this whole entire day. I had gym in the auditorium and then talked about bands second period which is one of my favorite periods now... hmmm third period sucked until Mr. Imhoff (with his magical instrument fixing powers) fixed my sax octave key i was oh soo happy hahaha. hmmm 4/5 same thing as third and 6/7 sucked major assmonkies... 8/9 was interesting especially when stef was being a creeper in the side room... yeah i saw you checkin me out dont lie... period 10 was awesome until i was assassin chopped in the eye ball i looked like this (o_-) it was so much pain that jerk of a girlfriend gave me. hmmm 11 and 12 were completely and totally ass like usual. Now we go after school where the sexy time occurs ;] hahaha like usual me and the girl hang out and go to the vending machine to get her water... then like she couldnt be weird enuff she burped in my mouth >_>........ yes u can see how that can be a little bit akward hahaha aaaanyways that was pretty much my day except for the part where i start talking to the most beautiful, talented,charming, loveable girlfriend in the world :] she still makes my heart flutter out of my chest when ever i see that smile ;] stay beautiful love :] the pirate is outta here ARRRRRRR

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today was an extremely great turnout! Your 2009-10 USSBA Best Colorguard in the state, for the second year in the row, is your one and only Belleville! :D I'm so happy to know we came out strongest in the state, even with all my doubts on the line. When we got off the field, I didn't think that our show was the best it could've been. Although, when I looked over a recording of the show with Anna and Jaelynn, I was so proud of how we did! I guess the personal perspective of how we perform isn't always the same as how we are viewed from the audience. Unfortunately, our score dropped down like 4 points, but we can blame the drumline for that, who came in 8th place haha. We placed 4th out of 17 2A bands.. I personally think we could have gotten first, but once again, we look to the band about that. =P Guard gets a ice cream party woooot! XD

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pour Pour Pour

Woooot! Who the hell doesn't love the rain!? Actually, it was wasn't raining today at all! haha This morning, I woke up dreading the 10AM-6PM practice that awaited us all, today. To look on back on it now, I think today was crazily fun. But to ask me to do it again is a different story. For most of practice, the guard was idle, in their own world. It really isn't much fun when the band gets all of the attention, reworking sets and learning new drill. To be honest, much of the guard would prefer working our butts off in the rain in opposed to just standing in it. [On second thought, I actually do enjoy doing nothing!] The rain didn't really bother me at only did when we came inside for lunch and I observed the damage! Soaked shoes/socks mixed with some good ol' mud, wet shorts and leggings, and wet tops for the win! At the end of the day, we did a full run through in the POURING rain. It was pure, utter fun- even though we all slipped around the mud and fell into puddles! I hope we do good tomorrow!! >.<

Friday, October 23, 2009

Connie Francis, I Don't Know Who You Are.

Friday are always interesting. There were jazz band auditions after school and some of us told Mrs. B that we aren't auditioning until Monday. So Jaelynn, Jacob, and I ended up walking to Wendy's to get food and just chill around. Nothing special happened, other than us shoving food in our mouths. XD Joshue came by and we were literally laughing our asses off every time he said something! We randomly started laughing about how to tie shoes and other crap @.@ Its so hilarious how the smallest topics can be the most hilarious things when Joshue brings it up XD Luckily, practice ended early and I left with Jaelynn to check out Meriena's party and basically get food. Her phone died so she felt helpless without it. I ended up not texting Jacob when I really know I should have.. I know you're reading this, so once again I'm sorry! >.< Hrmm..the party was okay, but I think I was really too tired to enjoy it. I really am not looking forward to tomorrow's practice from 10AM-6PM fml.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Homecoming was tonight, but I didn't go. A lot of us thought it would be a failure, which I heard from some people that it was. I really didn't feel like going right after two hours of rehearsal, anyways. I was bummed out and my body was yearning for a shower. Good god, I think I have too much homework for my own good, too! I'm such a lazy sophmore. :D I'm on the phone with Jacob right now and I was trying to ask him to help me write this, and he's doing a great job just reading through old posts and not talking. XD thanks. for the pic I'm going to post, we had a lab in Chem where we were mixing acids and bases.. and things were exploding all over the place! XD it was pretty damned cool.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Her And Her Crippled Self

Good god. I just got through too much Chemistry homework for my own good. >.> Actually, it wasn't that much, and I got things done that aren't due until next week haha. This has been the first night in a while where I have actually done homework, or anything productive for that matter. I still have History, but let's not worry about that right now. =P Hrmm..sectionals today was a bit of a biznatch.. I really feel bad for the flagline for getting yelled at, but hey, they need to pull it together. Sabre was kind of slow for me today. I hadn't spun since..well Saturday actually and I couldn't toss right. For a while, my wrists felt alien to the motion of turning over fast. Oh well. I was exhausted afterwards and so walking back to the high school and getting locked out for a bit didn't make the guard feel any better. We called up Fabi to come open the door, her and her crippled self, and she decides to "fall to the ground" helplessly. It was funny, I will admit, but after a while I wanted her to come up and just open the damned door. Thanks Fabi. >.>

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Idea Slapped Me In The Face face hurts. I really need to stop popping my own pimples xD I'm making it worse haha. Bleh practice today was a little on the cloudy side. I couldn't think as clearly, because another thought fogged up my mind. Jealousy is the worst, deceitful feeling out there. I just came back after like an hour off the computer from not finishing this and I used Smooth Away on my upper lip. GOOD GOD IT BURNS >.> Hrmm..well as for the picture I'll be posting, I was wandering the band room and passed by the stack of empty boxes that once held our brand new instruments. An idea slapped me in the face and I decided to grab a sharpie and began drawing! :D this is what became of it! Gee, leave me with a marker and some cardboard boxes, and miracles start popping out of no where! It's amazing! >:D

Monday, October 19, 2009

Escapades In The Stairway

Today was a really good day with you. Aside from our little escapades in the stairway, I really, truely had a fun afternoon hanging out. We sat in the hallway for a bit and laughed around. I can't believe you picked my nose. LOL. wierdo. It is so hard waiting for the end of the week to come from a Monday morning's point of view. I am so eagerly looking foreward to Friday afternoon, when I get to hang out with you. The weekend - not so much. The only thing I have to look foreward to on Saturday is a 10-6 practice because we have States on that Sunday. Dear god, help us all.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lazy Bum

Sundays can be so passive.. I actually went to church today, dressed up nicely and somewhat willing to go. I really prefer going at 10:30AM because thats when a lot of people are there and its not too late in the day. I sat next to Kim's parents haha.. I attempted to do homework today, but that completely failed. I've been such a bummy, lazy sophmore.. Go Team.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Morris Knolls 84.95

I'm actually surprised about our score today..going up 5 points is pretty damned good. Frankly, I kind of thought the show was not so great-but maybe that just me. I will always love the bus rides to and from competitions.. they are just too great. XD On the way there, we took some pictures and immitated Mrs. Miskovich and alll of her facial expressions. Jaelynn does it best! Hrmm...on the way back was the period to be obnoxiously loud! I think that..because we finally got the name of some kid from Montville, Jaelynn and I were hyper. As soon as we hit the road, the two of us began to sing, at the top of our lungs, to just about every song that came on the radio! We didn't know the words to most of them, but thats where our amazing mumbling and humming came in! haha We should make a band. And Ana, if you are reading this. I AM NOT CLINGY.

LOL..let's hope Jaelynn doesn't see this.

[editted new picture just for Jaelynn. She threatened to hit me with a sledgehammer or something]

Friday, October 16, 2009

Weather Denied Us A Better Day

I'm really learning to love Fridays. Weather denied us a better day, but I'm very content with how today was. Having somewhat an hour or so is something I'm still grateful for. Practice tonight wasn't too bad either. Neither of our instructors came until 6:30PM. The first one who came is too lazy to even clap her hands to keep tempo, so the period that she ran practice was not even legitimate. When PJ came, practice just got a little bit more serious, but overall rehearsal went by pretty fast. I was glad to come home and finally relax. Though I have a competition tomorrow, I can finally drop every tension and take in some deep breaths.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

You In My Arms

It felt really nice to just spend an afternoon with you. After school, we just hung out in the band room all day and I had no complaints. Our goofy side shone through and I wanted to pop your pimple. I'm just gross like that. haha. I already am aware of these great feelings I have for you and it just make me happy whenI look back on today. We don't need small secret meet-ups in the staircases to have a good day. Most of the time, I had my arms around you and it felt so nice. :) Walking you out of the highschool seemed like the hardest thing in the world, today! So many people were inside the highschool, due to the crappy weather outside. There was no privacy at all! A couple people decided to be jerks and purposely walk by. >.> Tonight's practice really made me feel sore. As I type this, I still feel like my calves are tight and sore. I dread the fact that I will have to do it again tomorrow night. Joy. Oh, we covered Erik's locker in penises via post-its! :D I hope he's not too mad tomorrow! ahah

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Early Delay

Talking to you right now is definitely making my night.. ;D

Today all juniors had PSAT's and so every other class had to report at 10:40AM. I was so relieved to find that out yesterday because it gave me the extra kind of sleep I kinda of needed. I woke up around 7:30, still groggy and unwilling to fully regain conscience. Having nothing else to do, I just got ready for the most part. Around 8:30AM I called him and we talked for a good hour. By 10AM it was time to hang up, because he had to take a shower and get ready for school. We met up at the highschool, which didn't open util 11:22AM. woot!The greatest thing about it was that this extra delay made the day go by extremely fast. =] Practice today went fairly well because for Jaelynn and I, sabre finally clicked. We actually understand all the work we're doing along with progress in our tosses. I'm feelin good!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Passed Out

Last night ended better, spending three hours on the phone with him and sleeping at like 1:30AM. I will admit that I was not up to going to school today, but then again, I never am. There was not much that went on. After school I had a Creative Writing Club meeting, which I was falling asleep at. Everyone was interacting in deciding whether or not to keep poems, while I just sat there mindless. I was looking foreward to lying on the band room floor and just passing out. Instead, I hung around in the band room with a couple people. I really don't know how I stayed up, but I think once I got home after practice, I was ready to pass out on the couch, which I did. Oh, we kept making fun of Jaelynn's pimple on her chin today. :D haha, love youu!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Missed Comm

Today was a fail on terms of miscommunications. Going to the movies with you kind of failed because texting brought on the wron ideas. Although, now that I'm talking to you on the phone right now, things feel so much better. I can check the time right now, and we're already at 2:53 hrs. I think this is the longest phone call I've ever had with someone.. xD I hungout with Kim, Ana, Emily, Jill, and Jamie at the movies tonight to see Paranormal Activity, and that shit was scary! I was tearing at certain points out of fear, sitting next to Kim. We all had to sneak into the movie, pretending we saw Fame and had to split up in pairs to actually get seats. woot.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Deprive Me More

I really cant believe I'm still awake right now. Sleep deprivation is a good term to use at this moment. This long day began with forcing myself to wake up at 7AM to report at 7:30AM. Due to Columbus Day, the band had to do a Town Hall performance and a parade route. Both were faily interesting, but quite tiring. Afterward, me, Jaelynn, Emily, and Ana went back to Ana's for her party. Tonight was really fun as more of the band people I love came. Rey, Joe, and Roland actually showed up, yayy! We all laid in the street in a comfy blob and stared at the stars. We also discussed life and its goodies. Then, we ended up playing Manhunt. I would have to say: that was the best session of that game I've even been apart of. I ended up rolling on the ground after almost running into Emily, rolling on my ankle, and slipping on the muddy grass! We did the two extremely different things, and both were quite enjoyable. :D

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Montville 79.8


Hrmm today was a pretty long day.. it was a good one, too, though! Unfortunately I had to wake up at like 8:30 because report time to the high school was 10AM. We practiced from 10 - 1:30PM and I'm really proud to say that I somewhat enjoyed it.. I think I had a little sarcasm in me that pulled me through- in the way that I was hyper and didn't care enough to brood. When we earned ourselves two laps for not listening to directions, I gladly ran them laps! I endured pretty well, if I may add! After surviving practice, we actually had enough free time to get ready and eat. During warm-up, the guard wasn' having the greatest time because we had just learned the opening and closer dances that morning! Tosses weren't being caught correctly and some of us were having issues with our dresses. The custume is very lengthy and it gets in the way a lot :( However, our show was veryy good! I will specifically say that it was very good confidence- wise. Personally, I was strong about about 98% of the show! Whether I messed up or not, I kept on pushing! I like where we are right now, because some of the girls are finally understanding how to perform! woot! go team haha We ended up getting 3rd out of 3, but at the same time, we would have executed competition, had there been any. The two bands before us who won were Morris Knolls and Morris Hills, who are both open bands. So technically, WE WON. haha

Friday, October 9, 2009



Yep yep, the beginning of my day consisted of making a sign for Ana. I am quite proud of how it turned out :D

The rest of the day trailed out, being one of the fastest half day's ever. I was so excited for the end of the day to come because I knew I was going to hang out with you. It upset me a little to find out that you left the hs and said you would be right back, but you didn't come back for like an hour.. In the meantime waiting for you, I hung out with Josh. He's one funny-ass dude! You eventually came around and I did get a little happier, but the walk towards your place was a little quiet. I ,personally, was a little upset, and I told you that. Even though I was upset at first, to think about it now, it doesn't matter to me. It ended up being an amazing, intense day. Even though it was only a few hours since I had to report back to the highschool at 3:30, everything worked out. :) ammaazing. day.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sixteen Candles

Goodness! I'm so tired! As I stare at the keyboard to type this, my contacts dry up and so I blink to relief the uncomfort. Today we experienced quite a romantic scene.. As I walked with you to the front from the band room, we kissed our regrettable goodbyes. As we listened to the empty halls, the janitors were working in the front lobby blasting some music. It wasn't blaring, loud, obnoxious music; it was something less. We laughed and listened more closely, realizing that we were kissing to "Sixteen Candles". We continued to do so, and it was almost like we were slow dancing, as we took our tiny steps, nearing the front door. I grasped your face and pulled in for another kiss, reluctant to really say goodbye for the day. Finally, we parted ways and I was walking back to the band room with cheeks flushed red. That moment made my day. We anticipate tomorrow, which is a half day, when we can hang out once again. :) btw..Khate has a drawing of herself in her wallet; it's so cute ! XD

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today was a good day.. :) well, moreover, the night was pretty up there. The day itself was just sectionals, so nothing too crazy. We went over the new work learned from the previous night and then everyone got tested on the 3rd number. That was kind of funny.. I know what it feels like to be a first year and have to do a run-though on your own.. XD it's pretty nerve wrecking, not going to lie! Most of the rookies forgot the work out of nervousness, winning themselve a couple laps around the bus route.

My night was a pretty decent one. I tried to do homework, which overall failed, but I also tried to get Sison's pants done. As I've done mine, I'm hemming in people's uniform pants to fit nicely like skinnies. I havent asked for money because I think I still suck and these are my friends, so no charge! I kind of effed her pants, so I'll fix that tomorrow night. ANYWAYS, after that, I had a good 48 minute conversation with him.. :) I feel really grateful to have someone like him because as tired as he may be, there was that little sacrifice to stay up with me. I told him not to, but he insisted. =P Nights like this are what I love.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spark It Up

As far as this Tuesday went, I had 6-8 practice. I really dislike having it so late, because I'm just too tired to do anything by then. Hrmm..we learned flag work for the third number- FINALLY. We have been workless for way too long!

School has really been getting to me lately. Its more of the fact that I don't care, really. I have a test this coming Wednesday on a novel that my English teacher handed out farrrr in the beginning of the year. From all my efforts, I am currently on page 41. I plan to read Sparknotes, but that will probably fail anyway. I'm so lazy. :D

Monday, October 5, 2009

In A Long Time

We got Pooja's new marimba today! :D and with that came a HUMOUNGUS BOX! It reminded me of the second day of school when me and Roland journeyed inside the other boxes, resulting in a huge gash in my elbow. I joked around with him about how we were going to relive that adventure. Well, we wound up finding much interest in the plastic air-pillows that incased the new intrument. Roland put them to great use! ahah Third period, I also found something out. The ex has asked for me not to stay so close to him while she's around. To be honest, I have no problems with her and I respect her as a person. For her to say that bothered me a bit because she has no right to suggest that. Oh well. After practice, I was immediately picked up by my parents and we went back home to pick up my brother and grandparents. We all went to Kohl's and did some shopping. At first, I kind of wished to go home and sleep, but it progressed. My sister and her boyfriend met up with us there, and then we went off to dinner at Uno's. Love it there! A couple of us watched the game, while my dad got buzzed on a few beers. It was a somewhat good night. We never really hung out like that in a long time- the entire family.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh Sunday

Sundays can be such a bore sometimes. Church isn't very exciting, so that doesn't help. After church, I ended up being the only one awake in my family. I needed some make-up such as eye shadow and eyeliner for marching band, so I decided to leave on my own to Stop & Shop. I was upset to find that they didn't have the right shades that I need and so I left. I didn't want to come home empty handed, as so being the money-spending addict, I just decided to pass by McDonald's and get a $1 Sweet Tea. It was pretty good, not gonna lie. :D But I think I'm forming another cavity on my top right. D: Oh well. Thats life. That Sunday I also went to Walgreens with my father to get the makeup that I actually needed and to develop some pictures. This one here, was one of them.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

To The Buses

Today was our second competition held at South Brunswick. Our performance was not so great and the rain attacked tonight. We got changed and ate after the performance and headed to the bleachers to watch the rest of the show. After two bands or so, the slight drizzling began to pour immensly. I watched for Mrs B or any Drum Majors to give orders because we definitely were not going to sit in the pouring rain. Me and Jaelynn, for one, could've sworn to have heard Mrs. B say, "To the buses". At that I followed the crowd which was leading back the other way to the entrance. With about half the band running back to the buses I get a phonecall from Jae saying how much trouble half us are in. She was under the bleachers with the rest of the band. Immediately, I got pissed off. I was more mad of the fact that she may have given two distinct orders and if anything, one right after the other. Many of us only heard one. It upsets me that she was furious with us in result of one of the biggest misunderstandings ever. The rest of the band met up with us and Mrs. B basically scolded us. No one was willing to stand up and say what we thuoght when she asked if anyone heard her give the order "To the buses". Uh..I text Jacob the whole time, so that made me feel better XD. At awards, we were not allowed to cheer. We got 5th out of 6 lmfao haha. failure. I do want to have a decent season, but right now its not working out. The ride back to the highschool was good. I talked on the phone for a little bit with Jacob and then moved a couple seats up to chill with Ana and Roland. :D I like the middle of the bus.

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Only Been Three Days

One of the only downfalls of today was the craptastic rehearsal I had tonight. PJ came late and even with that, it felt even longer than usual. I will be honest and blame it on the fact that I didn't eat anything today. That fact is chained to the fact that we had a Pep Rally today. Band kids were excused during period 6 which was my lunch period. I personally decided not to go, and so I never got food. I expected to get food after school, but that failed. I hung out with him after school and chilled at his house. Even though it has only been three days, I've been loving every second of it. Its kind of crazy, hiding from the world, but at the same time not. It's like playing Mission Impossible! XD The past three days have been the best, and you are the biggest distraction in my head. :) Oh, I also misplaced my wallet I'm kind of irritated about that. I can only hope that it's either in the band room, guard closet, or in my locker, if I remember correctly!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not In The Mood

Day 2 didn't trail off as gorgeously as yesterday did. I was waiting for the the whole day to pass so I could see you, but around period 6 Lunch, I discovered that you weren't up to par. She found out and became very, very pissed off. I was actually having a decent day, but to find out that you're upset makes me feel similarly. The end of school finally came around and I found out she was crying a lot. >.> It made me feel bad, but when we met up in the band room, my whole day lit up again. I was with you and that was one of the only things that mattered. Still to this day, texting you brings me such good feelings inside that I can almost tell that you feel too. [other than the fact that you've told me XD] It always ends my nights nicely, and allows me to sleep good. :) Oh, LOL according to the picture, we fit Jaelynn into one of the top lockers in the band room :D