Monday, November 30, 2009

Royalty Stands In A Corner of the Living Room

We've hit 2 months today. Looking back on it months from now, I will remember it as the day you fell pretty damned sick and it rained. Mother nature and god have been plotting against us and not giving us the conditions we crave for a perfect day. Hrmm.. I don't like using the description as "perfect" because every moment I spend with you is perfect. Hrmm.. I went shopping around for ornaments and ribbon with my sister tonight. We finally got the purple accents to complete out purple and gold color scheme. This is by far the mmost beautiful a tree has stoof in our household. It's gorgeous

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Go Figure

Nothing great happened today.. I almost passed out at church, go figure. I didn't eat the other night cus I slept the whole day. I'm fine now; the whole day I put up the Christmas Tree.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Touch Me Like An iPod

Woo I finally got an iPod touch! :D after two trips to the mall, of course. at around 8:30am this morning, I went to Willowbrook with my sister and her boyfriend. He ended up buying a SONY TV while I wandered off into the mall. With the crapload of birthday money I had, I decided to walk into the Apple store. I've been wanting an iPod Touch for quite some time now, but now that my 5G video iPod is messed up, I had even more reason to go through with it. Just as I was about to purchase it, the guy who was helping me out, Iqbal, said I could get 10% off if I recycled my old one. Excited yet sad, I left to do just that. As it turns out, I had to leave anyways because my sister's bf had to attend a wedding. About two hours later, I went back with my brother and got it :D That dude, Iqbal, was pretty chill. When I got home, there was nothing really to do except sleep. I sulked in a jar of Nutella with a fork for a while, but i laid on the couch and knocked out. It is so much better to sleep, rather to think as the day goes by, without being able to do something. The day sort of picked back up tonight around 10PM when we began to talk out the problem. I don't know if you're reading this right now, but I love being able to talk about our problems. I never want to just leave them hanging or push them aside. As god may be on our side once again, we stayed on the phone phone.. 1:30AM until 3:47AM. The best few hours of my day. By the end of our conversation, tensions turned into light-hearted laughs, which I just love so much. I refuse to ever let a night go by and fall asleep with a heavy heart. I love you. Oh, I got stuck sitting on the floor this morning with the TV filling up the whole seat.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday he puts his bro to bed, I'll begin to type this post. I woke up at like 5AM to head to Kohl's with my mom n sister and her boyfriend and right when I woke up there was some news. My sister told me that she saw a text i had received after falling asleep from him saying "i love you" and wishing goodnight. I couldn't help but think to myself "fml." I got the "talks" in the parking lot of a Dunkin Donuts so early in the morning, as well as tonight from my father. They're oky with it, but they really don't want me to do anything stupid. My father has so many precautions because he doesn't know squat about relationships. He was a player when he was younger. >.> lmfao..I installed shelves this morning. I think I did a beautiful job. XD

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Picked Up My Balls

BEFORE ---------------------------> AFTER

Happy Thanksgiving guys! :D ..[or whoever even reads these] family really doesn't have a big gathering for a big Thanksgiving dinner. My mom and sister kind of just made food and we ate dinner lol. Not too much of our family is around to gather and my parents don't bother to visit other families to celebrate. Regardless, today is still Thanksgiving and we have so much to be grateful for; at least I know I do. So we were in the living room and my sister and mom were watching The Filipino Channel [TFC]. Then, she ask my ma if they celebrated Thanksgiving in the Philippines. My mom replied with the fact that they don't celebrate it solely on one day because every day is one of giving thanks over there. I thought that was pretty deep. lol ..and its true though. Tonight, I finally decided to clean out my "closet" after like half a year of contemplating the idea. I never really had time, but I finally picked up my balls and did it. haha Its pretty clean now, I feel proud :D

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

Decent Birthday.. the biggest highlight of this day that I can say really made my birthday worth it was being with you for that hour after school. :) I felt so relaxed, though you continued to make me laugh with stupid jokes and silly acts. :) Soft kisses from you is all I need on a day like this. Hrmm..I went out to dinner tonight with the family at Cheesecake Factory, also getting my new phone :D woot the enV Touch is pretty chill. I just failed at applying a two-pack of screen protectors onto my new phone. I suck.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

God Loves Us?

Wooo one more day until I'm sixteen :D I'm not that hyped up for it, but its still a day I am grateful for.. Today was..oh boy today. haha Hiding in closets, sneaking out the side door without getting caught, speed walking to the highschool: that is what made up my afternoon. I don't know whether god loves us or time was just on our side today because the timing with everything that happened was so close-called! As soon as I walked up to the front of the highschool, I saw my dad's mini-van pulling up by School #7. As I think about it now, I can't help but laugh. I am very light-hearted about it and all I can think about is how secretive we must always be! I swear, we're living some mission impossible shiz haha. Even though we can't openly be together whether it be public or private, I love every mishap, event, and adventure of this relationship. :D ..So I didn't take a picture today. Here's a picture of the post I'm typing right now. XD

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sure, My Birthday Is Coming Up, What About It?

WOOO 2 more days until my birthday! haha.. Eh. I'm not really doing anything for it, but I guess whatever happens happens. Hrm..whats today..Monday.. pretty good day.. I think that knowing that this week is going to be short made today go by quickly. I'm really trying to get back into the habit of actually doing my homework and paying attention in class. I'll get back into it..I hope.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


So I kind of got hyper tonight, while trying on a few new clothes. I went to the mall this afternoon with my parents, and stocked up on earrings, necklaces, and leggings :D There was this one necklace with a sparrow on it that I have been looking for- for such a long while now. I think it's one of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen and lone behold [<-I hope I used that phrase right], I found it at the store Icing! What even better is that it came in four different colors and I just couldn't choose! haha So anyways, I came home and there I was trying on new leggings with new hot, sexy [haha] heels and mixing up some outfits! I just got really hyper and got into a little skip every now and then and I changed clothes. Hrmm..I really hope an opportunity comes up soon, so I can where 'em :D

Saturday, November 21, 2009


ALGEBRA FINALLY CLICKED TONIGHT. So since around 9:00PM tonight, I've been working on a worksheet that I know finally understand. I haven't been paying attentino in class lately, so I've really been lost. All it took me was to YouTube a good lecture on 3 Linear Equations With 3 Variables. I'm so glad I understand now.. the band had Tag Day. I was at Plaza Bakery with Kenneth, Jaelynn, and Ana. We had a good amount of fun, minus the fact that we got really lazy with begging for money. About half way through, we put the collection container down and just stopped asking. We applied make-up onto Kenneth which we are all really upset that he ran into the bathroom to wash off. Afterwards, we all just chilled at Jaelynn's and hung out with her dog, Tofu. One of the cutest things in the world :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

So Strongly

I've given you a part of me today that I can say does not bother me. I'm so glad we finally got our Friday..Although it started off almost wasted, we came back to the reality of things; at least I did. My daze can solely be blamed on a huge realization I had in the past week or so. I'm really beginning to get the concept under my belt that I'm in love with you. I really didn't imagine us here, now with how we are; let alone we both agree that we didn't see this relationship coming. I said I'm scared because I've never felt so strongly about someone- not even myself! It is not so much fear as it is me being left in awe, trying to comprehend how lucky I must be to have you. I am still left in awe, how my first, true relationship is what I've been waiting for all along. You say you are finally at the point where you can't stand to be without me; I can't even stand to be a room away for what only is an hour. To me, that hour feels like a compilation of 60 long minutes- each minute lasts a lifetime. With new realizations at hand and everything from today- I'm not complaining. Not at all. Oh, and we wrote in our A Separate Peace novels :D

Thursday, November 19, 2009


My impatience is at its absolute maximum tonight. I am on the brink of insanity, trying to wait for tomorrow afternoon to come! Not much can highlight my day other than it being the first day of Jazz Band. I'm still getting used to certain environments, still being around certain people. Honestly, my worries have settled done and its not so much on my mind anymore. I'm growing madly in love with you more and more each day to care about other people getting in the way. I'm so glad you can read my mind and eyes..even when its not for the best reasons. You know something is wrong and as much as I would ever want to hide it, there's no point. You will eventually catch on and figure it out. I love when you can tell how happy I am, too because sometimes I am beyond words; the only thing that can convey to you how I feel are my eyes. :)

Oh and look, Jacob #2 likes to sleep in class! hahaha

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crazy Either Way

So as today explains to us..we are both getting to the point where we can't possibly be without the other. I was stuck in a leadership meeting from 3PM as you sat outside. The entire time I was out there, I would look back at the doors, hoping the leadership meeting would end soon. As it turns out, our unfortunate luck dragged the meeting until 4:20PM. Was the meeting relevent? Yes. Did I still want to leave? Yes. We can't even last an hour with a wall inbetween us. We are a pair of crazy people, huh? I could care less because I am honestly falling deeper and deeper in love with you. =] I'm going crazy either way. I eventually got you to myself after the meeting, skipping the fact that we were watching the competition video from All-States. I just needed to be with you and that was all that mattered. I'm so glad I got 20 minutes with you because those 20 minutes are what kept me sane tonight. :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Level Up was pretty interesting. Exploring this new level in our relationship with you is turning out to be quite fun. :) We sat in the staircase probably for a good 2 hours, letting the day go by and we stood still. I regret nothing, and love you even more with every step we take. Is it Friday yet?? No? How about Wednesday? lmao XD Oh, about the picture.. after I got picked up from the high school, I went went my parents on a mass shopping spree at Kohl's! We literally spent over $300 on a bunch of things. I got me some nice heels, bras, and two plaid flannel shirts. woo hoo! :D

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Normal

My voice was completely shot today. All throughout school, I refused to talk and reverted to just sitting there without a word. When I tried to speak, my words came out in a tone that was too high to even be noticed. Trying to be louder is just a silly option. I 've gone through so many remedies in the past two days, and my voice has only gotten slightly better. I have drank many warm cups of ginger-ale, gargled vinegar, water, and salt, taken a nebulizer, and eaten cough drops. I really don't feel sick at all; sometimes I forgot that I have no voice. So when I open my mouth to speak, I believe that it will be okay. In reality, my voice barely makes it out with a squeek. Eh. I just want to sound my normal again. -.-'

Sunday, November 15, 2009


So there was this one point last year where my mom's voice was completely shot..she couldn't talk at all! and when she did, it was high-pitched, loud, and squeeky, and annoying. Wellllll *drumroll* ...I'm her now. >.> My voice, as of right now, is absolutely, completely shot. Every word that attempts to come out of my mouth hits a high note and stays there until I close my mouth again. Earlier this morning, I just thought it was funny because I could still kind of talk. Now, I just want to rip my voicebox out. I'm not sure how I got this way. For the past few days, I've been waking up with a raspy voice, but it would eventually go away. I would say it's because I cheered so much at All-States the night before, but I didn't even cheer that much. This morning, I woke up and came to the high school for a damned parade we had to do. Everyone I talked to thought my voice was horrible; I even got told to shut up and just stop talking a couple times. haha. I just gargled a glass of warm water, vinegar, and salt, advised by the Reyeses. I also drank two glasses of warm ginger ale. Eh. I sound like a 50-year-old smoker. I want my normal voice back! lol Look- Jaelynn's puppy pooped in front of us, in her room. eww.. lol and yes, there is a bathroom pad for that purpose.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I'm so glad the season is over. We got 4th..Nutley dominated, but we really shouldnt fret because we actually had a good show. The guard came in 2nd place with a difference of .2 points. When I think about it, the guard has had a really good season, placement-wise as a separate section.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Only Thing Relevent

Happy Friday the 13th!

As soon at the bell rang at 2:30PM, my day began. School is simply a duration that I need to get through. How I deal with it on a daily basis- I will never know. Friday is what I wait for every single week. This is the day I get to lay in bed with you and just relax. Worry about the rest of the world is nonexistent; the only thing relevent is us. I told you every time I imagine relaxing with you, I see myself laid next to you, a little lower, perfectly fit in the safety of your arm wrapped around me. I rest my head on your chest and wrap my arm around your torso. I find myself drawing random circles on your skin with my index finger as our minds linger. With that, I can stay there forever, comfortable like no other. I truely just want to fall asleep in your arm.
Oh, look at all the Chinese food we ordered at tonight's Colorguard sleepover! :D Like $84.00 worth.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

All We Can Afford

Thursday..I'm so glad that I didn't have practice until 6PM tonight. It automatically meant that I got more time to spend with this guy that I'm kind of in love with. =0 It felt really nice just to relax and not have to worry about time. If a simple staircase is all we can afford, I have no complaints at all. Time tends to fly by and by 4:22PM, we've already gotten carried away with 22 minutes. At that point we're begging for time to stop and for good old Friday to arrive. Practice from 6-7 was booty. The little hour party after that was crap, with a few bad vibes in the room. That doesn't concern me anymore, though. It's finally the end of the season- almost. Look- dead babies on a stick! :D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First Time In a Good While Really Just Means A Week

-tries to breathe through nose- ..soooo..I'm freaking congested as fack >.> I'm not even sick, which make the idea of it odd. Maybe I'm on the verge of getting sick; who knows?

Today was a really good day :D Full band period two right before Wind Ensemble was like a blessing lol. Hrmm.. but I think most credit goes to the 4-5 minutes inbetween. As soon as certain people left, some kisses filled in the gaps. My smile grew brighter and brighter with each one. A hug from behind, a slap to the face, hitting with the vibraphone mallets- we are so violent. >.> I wouldn't be surprised if bruises start forming after a while; maybe even right now lol. Also, after school was the first time in a good while that we got to spend time alone together. Just sitting in the staircase, escaping all the chaos of the band room; it feels so nice especially because I am with you. Oh how I wish it were Friday right now.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Pointless 4

This morning I felt so upset about the day to come. Now, at 9:30PM I can look back at it and just think.. "wtf?" We were told that the guard would be rehearsing with the band from 4-6PM and THEN 6-8PM with PJ. I was absolutely heart broken; I didn't think I would survive the day. On top of that, I knew that I had some club meetings to attend. Knowing that I had 4 horus of practice ahead of me, all I wanted to do was relax. As it turns out, the four hours were full of bullshiz. It was not necessary for the guard to be with the band because all they did was go over 4 sets of work. Then, 6-8PM practice was worse. >.> We didn't do squat, it was dark, and I just wanted to go home. To most we did was change a bit of drill. Me and Jaelynn half-assed our way through practice all day. It was great. -sigh-

Monday, November 9, 2009

Journey of the Hat

As promised, I wore my hamster hat today with Jacob and his beaver hat. I wore it to school and met up with the beaver. It is absolutely impossible to look at the hats and not say they're cute! On the other hand, it does look a bit cheesy when we stand next to eachother and wear them. But I really don't care about how cheesy we may look because I'm already the biggest cheese/cornball he's probably ever met. >_>
Coming home from practice tonight, I felt a bit worn out. Throwing myself on the couch is basically my body screaming to relax. I get really comfy and begin to text Jacob. My eyes grow heavier by the minute, but I force myself to stay up. I want to stay up with you as much as my body allows, but it doesn't always get there. D: Truly, it's all out of love, but I guess my biggest mistake is forming from my hardest effort. I'm really trying to cure this "disease" so we can both get in our last "I love you"s before our eyelids fall closed and dream. :) I'll get there; don't you worry.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Who I Used To Be..WTF Jewelry? [100th Post!]

I definitely didn't almost forget to write out this post. shh.

As I listen to Blink-182 right now, it's slightly hard to reflect back on my day..ow -rubs stomach- I have gas.. uhh. Oh church today was interesting. My family came late due to a flat tire and the CCD classes were upstairs, filling in half the pews. Both factors equaled the fact that we had to stand up the entire hour. >.> That, my friends, is never fun. Among the pains of standing in heels for an hour, I also stood next to a man who was breathing oh-so-heavily. He kept making long, grunting noises. Every three seconds I would glace over my shoulder and just think Go get an inhaler. haha Just kidding. I just really couldn't understand why he was making the noises. I also observed one of the teachers..I think she has Torrets or something. >.> She would twitch her head in a certain way to the right side like 5 times, and then another two times to the left! Pretty wierd..oh the things you see from behind..[no dirty thoughts intended :P] Hrmm..I went to the mall today too- I spammed on purchasing jewelry and got this pretty amazing hat with a hamster on it. :) This certain kid I know has a similar one with a beaver, but I think mines better! The jewelry part still surprises me though..I feel so's a big change from who I used to be a couple years back, with big sweaters and messy hair. I didn't care about maintaining how I looked. Though my hair still may look like crap, I do prefer where I'm at now. :D The confidence level is definitely up there. hah.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

7 Hour Dillusionment

Summing up today, I have been in a moving vehicle for a total of nearly 9 hours! DEAR GOD. We left the MD Holiday Express around 9:30AM. I realized that the schedule got pushed back when we were still in Maryland at like 1:30. We took a couple bus stops due to uncontrollable bladders. Jaelynn was one of the worse ones, and if you're reading this, I do apologize! :D and If I know you pretty well right now, you just said "Fuck you, you stupid bitch!" XD Mhm..she had to pee really bad, and I wasn't making the situation any better. I was being serious when I told her to go in a plastic bag, but she refused! haha It was very ridiculous- typically the bus ride is about 4 hours to get back. We were supposed to attend the Columbia HS football game, but the problem was that we couldn't find the stadium. We passed the hs like three times, but still didn't find the game. We wasted so much time going in circles. I eventually began to feel dillusional and sang loudly to the radio. Jaelynn was upset towards the end, because she was supposed to leave as soon as we got to the game at 2:30PM [SUPPOSEDLY] By 5:30PM, she had to be ready and dressed for Pria's Sweet 16. We didn't find the game so we left back to BHS and arrived at 4:30PM -about. I went to the mall tonight with my brother, and tried to somewhat meet up with you! :D As much as I yearned for possibly a single kiss, publicity did not allow it. boooooo haha

Friday, November 6, 2009

Once In A Lifetime

Goodness. Where do I start?! To wake up this morning, the first thing coming into mind is "Holy crap, I'm competing at Nationals today." I didn't feel too nervous that morning, until half way through the bus ride. A few hours away, I began to think about it: this stadium is huge! The audience will probably be packed! The butterflies in my stomach twitched. Pulling into the parking lot of the Naval Stadium, I found myself saying "I don't want to perform guys, can we just not?" I know how much of a lie it is; I was more excited than scared. This was a chance in a lifetime to perform at Nationals, and whether we did good or bad, I was completely grateful! Warm-up was freezing, but I tried to ignore that fact. Deep breaths were taken in hopes of taming my excitement and lungs. One of the most thrilling parts other than the performance was standing at the gate, with the field in clear view. I was ready to march on with my chin up high, ready to dominate. As we heard the last band's last note followed by massive applause, my heart nearly skipped a beat. I gathered up my equiptment and gave out my last best wishes to the band. Setting up on the field, I stayed joyful and frolicked across with Jaelynn. haha Standing at opening set, at attention, I was sucking in air and blowing it out as much as possible. My heart was beating 3x faster than usual. Not gonna lie, I glanced at the jumbo tron a couple times. That screen is amazingly huge. It was funny seeing familiar faces up there! Despite a few imperfections with tossing and whatnot, that was the best I have ever felt, coming off the field this entire season! The tempos were decent, performance was amazing, and I was proud to march Belleville. By awards, we were cheering our lungs out, proud to be who we are. We placed 16th of 21. The number sounds bad, but we beat most 2A bands, including 2 open bands. Our score went up and I also found out that our guard came 7th in the Nation. Hearing that, nothing else mattered :) A once in a lifetime chance..used to its best extent.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nah-shuh-nahlls, baby!

So I really can't believe that I got through today's rehearsal. 9AM-5PM is a pretty long time period! It's such a good feeling to know that your whole band is in a good spot for Nationals tomorrow. :D I want to dominate, and simply do the best we can give to an entire stadium. I think something that pulled me through today was the lovely hour 45 minutes from 12PM-12:45PM of being with you for lunch. Going to 7-11 for lunch is something I have never done, so you're my first. LOL. This is great haha. You're slurpee still looked like poop, btw. The taquito on the other hand, not so bad.. my domo cup was pretty amazing, if I may add :D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In Centuries

Today felt like the last day that I was going to see you in centuries. I really wanted to spend as much time as possible with you since I won't be coming back from Nationals on Saturday. I may be exaggerating with the whole "century" thing, but its okay. :D I was late to sectionals today, getting caught up in time with you. I can't say that I regret doing so; I rather would have stayed in the staircase with you.

So I can't really say anything eventful happened tonight because the event fell asleep. When I came home from practice, I texted him and laid down to relax and wait for a reply. About an hour later, curious, I texted him again to figure out where he was. Within intervals of maybe 45 minutes, I closed my eyes, napped, woke up, checked my phone to check for a reply, and closed my eyes again. I think that possibly around 9, I finally fell asleep for the night. I can't get mad about it at all either because I did the exact same thing a few days prior. haha.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Roast Her On A Stick

Oh, Jesus Christo. Coming from yesterday's 6PM pass out, I woke up this morning at 6AM. Hrmm..but I didn't necessarily get up until 7:30AM :D haha. Unfortunately, this whole day was practice from 9AM-3PM. The morning kind of dragged through, and by the end of the morning me Jaelynn were shoving dirt in out sticks [boy, does that sound wrong], giving Cammy piggy back rides, and roasting her on a stick. Lunch wasn't any better because mine sucked. I had two 2-day old donuts, couple Fiber One bars [the flavor i dislike, mind you], and water. That wasn't fun. After lunch, things went by a little better and all was well. By dismissal, we were in the front of the hs playing jumprope with a long roll of wire. ghetto.

Monday, November 2, 2009


SO I PASSED OUT AT 6PM. IM SORRY. >.> It was kind of like school, hang out with Jacob, practice, home, eat, sleep, make Jacob worry. IM SORRY. lmfao

Sunday, November 1, 2009

1 Hour Of Rest

Sunday..the day we cram everything that is due on Monday. Today was full on typing for me, but at the same time I worked at a terribly slow pace. Tomorrow, I have a lot of things due: a 3-4 page research paper, a chemistry project, US History essay questions, and some other stuff. After church and lunch, I came home and worked on what I could. Research papers will be the death of me, I swear. I began typing it up at 5:00PM. By 6:00PM I was at one paragraph; by 7:00PM, two. Basically I was at a pace of one paragraph per hour! I'm such a failure when it comes to progress. On the other hand, procrastination is my specialty! I didn't go to sleep until 6AM, when I only rested for an hour until 7AM. I really can't believe you stayed up with me! I told you that it was not necessary, but you still insisted anyways! The fast that you stayed with me until I laid down and closed my eyes at 6AM made me love you even more! :D