Friday, April 30, 2010

Battle Of The Classes

Today was like the first step for man on the moon. Just kidding. Today definitely felt like a first step. After school, we went to Deejay's house to watch them rehearse for battle of the classes. The Freshies definitely have a good act going for them. The important step in my eyes was the fact that Ana and Jacob hung out together somewhat in the same group. It wasn't really awkward at all. No hard feelings or anything. They don't realize it, but they do have things in common. It made me happy to see that, it really did. Today is our 7th monthary and it should have been a good day and it was for the most part. It sucks that we couldn't really spend the day with eachother, but I'll get what I can. It's 12:29AM and I think I already fucked up. I'm this douche who doesn't always listen. Photo is of a condom my brother openly leaves on the computer table. ew.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Understanding And Pressing On

Eh. Today more or less consisted of learning. Unfortunately, I am the jealous type and I'm not used to how nice of a person you are to everyone including your ex-girlfriend. It's not that I don't like it, it is because when I was in my own situation, I didn't talk to the other person for about a year, really just to get over him. There is the understanding that you never really broke up on terms that were on your faults or decisions, so that can still get me a little queasy. In that case, there is still a friendship and she still obviously feels for you. But then again, you reassured me with the idea that nothing will happen between you two, and my optimism is as high as my insecurities let me. I really believe in change. I hate awkwardness because I get enough of it out of myself. This is why I'm so determined to make the acquaintance. Hell, I don't care if we are different people. This whole world is made of different people and we all get along fine, no matter how different we may be sometimes. Things in life are always subject to change, for better or for worse. I might have to stock up on fake smiles in the future just just hold strong and not bitch. Don't worry, I'm not hiding my feelings. Photo is of cam whoring :D

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We went on a double date with Alo and Joriz today. Instead of just me and him getting dropped off at stuffed cupcakes, we decided to go to SmashBurgers in Glen Ridge. the sign of it, i will agree with them, looks like a rip off of Game Stop. The food is pretty good there and the sandwiches are monster! The only bad part was the bacon strips inside. I wouldn't have minded it if it weren't for the fact that I had bacon and eggs every morning in Ohio. Everything feels really chill and relaxed when we hang out with, which is something I am so grateful of. It's a really great feeling being able to to hang out with other people as a couple, together. Yhen, Joriz had work at 4:30PM, so she got changed and then we went to Applegate Farm :D There, me and the love ordered a sundae which was very delicioso! Today was a good day, and we can just leave it at that. Photo is of cup from today :D

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Deprivation of sleep has been creeping up on me again. Yesterday we webcammed until about 2:30AM. School was a little hard to get through because by first period I wanted to fall asleep! Even as I type this now at 11:35PM, my eyes are begging to close shut for the night. Today was kinda cool. The love, Deejay, and I traveled to Jacob's hosue to pick up a chord for Jazz Band and by the time we got there, practice was basically over. Then, we went to his house again.. [jeesuss it was so tiring walking so much! xD ] We only stayed for a bit because learning that his mother was on her way home, I was going to play it safe and not do anything. Kiss kissed in the stairway made me melt! Photo is of an ad I had to do during class.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I Should Be In A Bed Sleeping In Ohio!

Good god, today was such a tiring day! We got back last night around 8PM, but that didn't stop me from feeling tired today during school. No one wanted to be suffering through classes or walking through halls. All day I caught myself saying that I should he in a bad in Ohio sleeping! I held strong for most of the day, but I lost it 12th period. My Chem class was supposed to take notes on a PowerPoint Presentation, so the lights were off. That is the first mistake. Then, we never got to the notes. Instead, Mr. Lepo just talked and talked like no tomorrow about random things. So ofcourse, being drowsy from Band Trip, and with lights off, my eyes begin to droop. Right before the bell rang, I flinched and woke up in a startle. It was a little embarrassing, yet funny. After school, jazz band was canceled due to the tiredness of everyone. I actually went over the love's house without the worry and left on time. It was such a beautiful feeling, being able to lay with him again, just relaxing. I haven't seen him in four days, and 2 days was the limit. I made a sacrifice tonight, though I'm not sure if it was a smart one. I found my heart feeling heavier than my body, with the urge to throw up. I am the dramatist; I am not proud. Though, now we webcam and my heart feels at home. Photo is of webcamming.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

We Forgot To Leave David In Ohio. We Have To Go Back!

Boy oh boy. It sucks to say that Band Trip is now over and that I am sitting here at home, but it is nonetheless true. We left the Kalahari Resort around 11AM and it was a very sad thing. My room was so tired that we didn't even bother waking up in time for breakfast. Mann am I goin gto miss those morning pastries! Before leaving, we also got our picture with a Kalahari Mascot who was in the main lobby. I don't know, but that elephant hugged pretty tightly! :0 Then, we were off onto our 8 hour drive back home. There is always that feeling of attachment and the want to stay longer. We all felt that today, most definitely. I am and am not looking forward to school tomorrow, but what has to be done must be done. Therefore, I shall be waking up in a few hours -_-' Photo's is of that with the elephant mascot ! :D

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Water Park, Partayy

Alright so I would give today a better thumbs up compared to yesterday. We just spent the day at the indoor water park, riding everything and trying it all. There are so many things here, that it is so much bigger than I had really ever expected. Unfortunately, a couple kids pooped into the ave pool. Anyways, we tried just about everything, including the body slides, group slides, and the flow rider! Oh man, it is just a great boost doing something for the first time and doing it right. Flo rider was a surfing/body surfing simulation that is so fun. Deejay got wiped out and his shorts went down and we saw ass. Jaelynn went and owned that like the monster she is. I went and di decent, but inevitable popping out my chest when I got wiped out. Right when I did though, I already knew so I covered over my chest. The lifeguard came around with a towel ready and prepared. Later we had the pizza party which was fun, but some Polish exchange students crashed it. It was really awkward at first, but as Jae said, "If you can't beat them, join them." Photo is of me watching Sean shave. It was very amusing :D

Friday, April 23, 2010

Boring To Spare

Day 2 of Band Trip was a little boring, unfortunately. But I guess in order to have a good trip like this, you need to sacrifice one boring, educational day. This morning we finally did our performance which didn't even last 5 minutes probably. It's kind of ridiculous, but oh well! We went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and we saw an IMAX movie. A bunch of people were falling asleep as usual, but to be honest I really love watching things in IMAX :D ..just not boring ones. I thought the day would get better tonight, but it really didn't. Swings and Things was a little creepy due to the fact that it was pretty run down and crappy. The best part, by far, had to be the Go-Karts! Gahh, I have really grown a liking to go-karting . Even though the cars and track weren't exactly nice either, the idea and thrill you get out of it is amazing! I truly want to do it again when we get back to NJ. Photo is of me screwing around with sleeping people. Lesson learned, don't sleep on the bus :D

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 1: Jaelynn Is Awesome

This morning I left my house to embark onto band trip 2010 :D We had a 8 hour drive to Ohio ahead of us, but thinking back on it, the drive wasn't that bad! Being bus-partner's with Rey is fun :3 This whole day was a day of travel, aside from our rest stops and a stop at Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. It was actually good there, but right now the thought of food makes me ant to throw up. I definitely have gotten carried away with food and stuffing my face because I was bored. The resort we're staying at is ABSOLUTELY amazing and is more than just 'nice'. Now I sit on the bed next to a tired, sleeping Ana, Jaelynn, Emily, and the three sleepers. Day one has only ended and we have so many pictures already! Its amazing! Tomorrow calls for an actually, I think we're performing. Goodness, I feel so tired ! Photo is of burger from the Cafe. It would've been good if I didn't eat anything else before that.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is It Over Yet, YAY

Hopefully my stresses are over for the week and excitement can reign on. After enduring a whole day of school, we got started on Deck-A-Wall at 3PM.I really enjoy doing big projects as this, but I can't deny how hectic it gets at times.Running around and trying to fix things here and there, directing people what o do all gives me gray hairs. Whether we win or lose is something I'm really not concerned about anymore. I just know that once I left, the problem was out of my hands and I could breathe again. Afterwards, Jae and I got a ride to Ana's house where we chilled for a bit completely drained of life, tired, and still having a lot ahead of us. We went to go food shopping which was fun and once I got home, I had to finish packing, eat, and take a long needed shower. I'm really upset that my laptop still didn't work, but I did fix it partially tonight, which kept me a bit happy. Photo is of Rey's smilie face :D

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brick Walls to Doors

So this whole week is something I just want to finish. I want to get Deck-A-Wall over with and just hop onto that bus to Ohio! Tonight, I got home and just continued working on items I'm going to need for tomorrow when we put it up. I laid out the table covers on the floor, specifically the red one, and began to paint lines all across and down. A brick wall. I had another table cover to do the same thing to, then I made a door. It came out pretty decent. I deleted the photos I had of it, so here's a filler.

Monday, April 19, 2010

That Packet Of Papers

It surprised me that you actually cared for once to make our efforts work. Anyways, today continues the finally digressing stresses of this week. Deck-a-wall is something I am finally almost done with, THANK YOU. Today I actually finished the cardboard stoop. A greater feeling of excitement has finally surfaced, as we got our Band Trip itineraries today. I feel like that simple packet of papers creates such un imagineable excitements. Here we come Oh-Hiyooo! :D Photo is of cardboard stoop of success!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Full Day Craze

My boyfriend would kill me, if he knew I was writing this at 2:25AM. He told me to go to bed by 1AM, but holy cow I've had a great day of work! It was stressful nonetheless, but it wasn't as if someone was holding a gun to my head. The thoguht that there is so much due tomorrow continued to flood my head, causing it to pulse. I just finished editting a video project for English. It's only extra credit, but I'm currently getting a 77 in the class. Deck-A-Wall is coming together, but I can't bring anything in tomorrow as requested. DUDE. I went to the dollar store today to get supplies and I LOVE THAT STORE. I don't know, maybe it's the fact that we're in some kind of late depression/recession, but I loved seeing so many useful items for like a dollar. I don't care if it was cheap! >:0 I want to go back! Photo is of the CD I'm handing my video in as. I'm actually proud of it! Check it out here.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Deck-A-Wall, Failing English.

Today was just the beginning of a crazed weekend. Unfortunately is isn't a weekend of fun, but intead work. A group met up at Joe's this afternoon to work on Deck-A-Wall. Unfortunately, I get the hardest position of designing not one character, but the backgrounds for each character. Then, on the side, I have also been working on my extra credit project for English. God, I need that. -_-' I'm virtually failing that class. Anyways, it is 2AM and I should really be saving my energy for tomorrow. Photo's of the game plan.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mother Nature Sucks

I woke up at 12:30PM today! There is always a sense of slight disgust with myself, but oh well. I feel like when I wake up at any second before 11AM, I still have a morning to spare. But when my groggy eyes fix onto a clock reading 12:30PM or any minute in the eleventh hour, I feel like a morning was wasted. Not much happened today (it's not like my life is exploding with events), but I still have the greatest urge to go to GSP mall! Buddies from the other night actually invited me to go earlier, but because I came home so late, I knew it wasn't happening. Today was also more focused on hustling my ass on all the work I have waiting for me, due Monday. It is a very stressful thing too - waiting for your period. It is more especially irritating when the lame iPod app you downloaded lies to you, saying it was supposed to come 4 days ago. Come on, Mother Nature! Photo is of a spider I killed this morning. -_-'

And here's another photo just for the sake of it's cuteness.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mind Of A Shopaholic

Laid back and chill. So one thing that my mother and I have in common is a love of going to the mall. It isn't about giving away all of your greens and sliding the shit out of that plastic card. We simply find an enjoyment of being out and about among shops and restaurants. I for one also favor the idea of not being home! Today, my mother and I took the bus all the way to Willowbrook Mall. The fact that the fee was only $2.15 made me a very happy camper. Anyways, my mother and I got to the mall around 3PM and just went with the flow. There was no rush as if we were driven there and our ride had to leave. We weren't stressed as if there were a billion people around because it was early; everyone was at work and in school. I didn't buy much, but I feel like the greatest excitement was walking into that fitting room with a bunch of clothes. If you are anything like me, some of the clothes are things you are considering buying. others are clothes that you think look nice, but you probably won't buy it - at least not today. Now, the REST of the clothes are ones that made you giggle a little to yourself as you saw it hanging on the rack and you wondered to yourself, "People actually wear this?!" On the other hand, the greateat disappontment is putting clothes that you THOUGHT or HOPED would fit but it didn't even get passed half way on. My rant on shopping could go on for days, so I should cut this short. Photo is of chocolate cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory that my mother and I shared. I couldn't even finish after the two appetizers and bread we ate!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Wow Backwards Is Wow!"

The variety in my life has definitely been staged today and I feel so happy about it. I hung out with new people I usually don't chill with and I was myself! Sure, I may have been quiet a few times, but I put my best foot forward and for that I am satisfied. At first, I chilled with Roland at his house and ate his leftovers. Mmm, KFC baby! Then, we went to play volleyball in Kearny. Chubbs almost got eaten by a hawk - the poor baby! :[ I really sucked at volleyball in the sand, but whatever - the sun was in my face too! Later, Roland left and Alo, Joriz, Laila, Mikki Jo, and I went to eat at Hooters. It was my first time and I must say the wings are fucking amazing!! It was also Trivia Night which was pretty fun! Then, to end the night, we met up with a few more people and went to Babo and got some tasty bubble tea! Yuum! We stood by the water for a while, taking in the cold and its entirety. By then, my worry to get home was already a bit high. Eventually I got home. Driving around is by far one of the funnest things ever. The idea of just driving around and laughing at this and that and telling stories is something I completely favor as I am willing to do it again :) Photo is of Rolando's Winnie the Pooh gummy bear work of art! :D

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Save Our Schools! Pass The Budget!"

So day 2 of spring break has definitely been more than I expected. In the first case, I did not expect to leave the house today. Boredom finally took its turn and I found a day waiting for me at the courts. Not a lot of people were there, but I didn't mind at all. I was actually decent for not having played in so long! It is still failure status, just not as bad! Hrm.. afterwards, we found ourselves participating in the school protest against Gov. Christie and his budget cuts. At first we all just met in front of the high school. Then, we began to walk towards Nanina's In the Park where sources said the fat man would show up. God that walk was long! Surprisingly enough, it hasn't tired me out. This whole day hasn't worn me out. Even after screaming my butt off chant after chant, my fists were still pumping in the air. (Just kidding I didn't even really try too hard LOL) Photo is of Fetus's tennis boner (hahs sorry no pictures of the phone died ='[ )

Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 1 Of Spring Break

First day of spring break and nothing too eventful. I have basically eaten the day away, but in moderation. I did not successfully eat for hours on end, but at least once an hour I found myself putting some kind of carb in my mouth. The most I've done today was clean the computer table area. I'm really sad that there is no more Nutella, but maybe that is for my benefit. I really need to lose weight. Hmm ..maybe I will work out tomorrow and get my gut ready for band trip. Geez. I need to pull it together. Today I also worked on the piece I started yesterday. Photo is of that: day 2

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Dog & An Owner

I would be ashamed to admit that today wasn't very eventful, so l am ashamed. It really shouldn't be a shock because my Sundays never really were anything amazing in the first place. I don't want to admit that such a day I wouldn't be embarrassed to share relies on talking to him, but it may be true. Thee is the story of the dog and her master. Wait no, that seems too controlling.. let us refer to him as her best friend. ( you know.. "man's best friend") The two share a great relationship when they are together. They both wouldn't change it for the world. The dog is bound to home, so its not like she gets the chance to leave whenever. Therefore, she cherishes the time she has with him. He on the other hand has full freedom to go about in the world and do many things. Some days he will spend the entire day with friends and live. The dog knows better not to be jealous because that is just how life works out. She is bound to home while he is out. She does not get mad or run a rampage and destroy the house, but she simply waits for his return. The downer days are the long events where he comes home late and goes straight to bed. As soon as he walks in, the dog's tail gives off a little wag. He is more than tired and gives her a little ruffle through her hair with his right hand, showing he cares, nonetheless. He continues into the room. Door shut, the dog kind of just sits there, all wagging stopped. An inevitable sadness hovers overhead after a long day's session of the waiting game ends in a fade out. She gets up and heads back over into her bed, only hoping that tomorrow will be a better, more eventful, day. As much as I would not want to compare myself to the role of a dog, the information has its relevance. I do not get mad or anything. It is simply a bit of disappointment that will hopefully fade away tomorrow. Photo is of me eating shrimp chips and watching Monster this afternoon. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tagging With Someone New

It was a dumb move for my to go to bed last night at 2AM. This morning I stayed in bed right up until 8:47AM. Then, I got up and actually got ready for Tag Day at 9AM. If it's something that I don't have to be exactly on time for, then I'm going to take my sweet time getting ready :) As it turns out, my partner Shakeera didn't come by til a half hour later. This was my first time tagging with someone other than the usual little group of mine, and it actually wasn't bad. It was fun tagging with Shakeera, but it was so cold and windy! Where you stand around with a container in your hand just asking for money, time goes by at the slowest rate possible. For some reason, putting a smile on and acting cute gets you more donations :D Hmm, it must be the attraction to pedophiles. Other than tagging, I came home with the urge to go to the mall unfulfilled. My family is very low on money, so I guess it's understandable. I ended up experimenting with the new UO catalog I got the otherday. I started working on a piece strictly using colored pencils- no pencil at all. I think it's decent. I kind of messed up the eyes, but I still have to finish up tomorrow. Gotta get those beautiful flowers in! Photo is of just that.

Friday, April 9, 2010

We Will Breathe Air, Just You Wait

So todays not exactly something I would like to reflect on, but it is what I can't avoid with a 365 blog. Half-days definitely do not work out for us. Strike two. Today we got caught again and I found my face hidden behind your various Sunday's Bests hanging in your closet. My movements were non-existent and I would never allow them to be. Well, after Meeting 1 months ago, she now knows that we are dating. "Yes, she IS my girlfriend." As I listened to their conversation that was actually not as similar to an argument as I thought, I just stood there're and leaned against the wall. To consult with an adult the truth behind lies, I feel it is not my place to speak. My eyes connected with the wooden floor boards for a good 10 min with arms crossed. She is actually okay with us; she has nothing against me. Her concern is in the risks and dangers of serious relationships at such a young age. I respect that considering that she's had her share of a young reckless past as well. She is also lying to her husband, that is not a good place to be. When she left, it was instructed I had to leave. What really happened was that I ended up sitting on the floor, still paralyzed by reality. You sat next to me and comfort was needed in a time of guilt. You craved comfort and in my arms did we both find that. You sat infront of me and I wrapped my arms around you. My kisses around your neck and cheek were in reassurance that things will not alter in this heart that we share. We talked about the future and it was asked, "How do we get through 3 years when we haven't even gotten through one?" I told you not to think about the future. As much as I can't take my own advice, just live in the present. Though, if it did make you happy, you should know that no matter what the future brings, you will always have me. It'll be a bumpy 3 years, but we'll get through, I promise. We will be breathing air, just you wait. I am forever yours and you are forever mine.

From: Mr. Hotness


Apr 9, 10:45 PM

Photo is one of two drawings I did on index cards today.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Drowsy's Got Nuttin' On Me

Despite the fact that I could still be sleeping right now, blogging has become a priority over the couce of like 260 or so previous posts. Anywho, today was pretty decent. What caught me off guard though was how I seemed upset or something to you after school when I was just napping on your shoulder. I was just napping,silly.. you're very comfortable to lie on! We chilled at DJs house for a while just in fact to not go home. We watched a recording of the play, pointing things out like the awkward dancing of certain people xD Hmm.. well tonight you went to church and I was feeling a little drowsy, so I went in for a nap. There wa s no guarantees that I would wake up again to talk to him, but I did. I was quite happy with that and texted back.. and then I fell asleep again. Lol man.. i just really need so Zzz's I guess haha. Photo is of just pics I was taking on the way home. Cam-whoring.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

God Liked Us Today

Ohh, what a good day today was :) apparently God was on our side this afternoon! Acter school I had planned to stay at the Soph class meeting for Deck-A-Wall, but some schedule conflicts happened and they club meeting was canceled :) I spent the day with you and it felt so nice. We went to 7-11 and just sat on the side of the building and took the day in. Photo is of just that. :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thumbs Up, High Five

So today seemed to work out well. Negativity and social skills have found their way into something better. Throughout the whole day, I chatted with various people all throughout my classes and felt pretty good. Theres something about staying in a positive mindset thay can get you through the day. I know its silly to want to be atleast aquainted with your boyfriend's ex, but I just dont like the awkwardness so why not break it? Jazz band was pretty good, I'm surprisingly a little sad thay we don't have it tomorrow, but I won't complain :) Today we also walked to Wendys to get a little something to eat, so it was nice to really spend time with you :) Photo is of quail eggs I saw at East West. I abslutely love thosee ! Mm so goood

Monday, April 5, 2010

Calimed As Ours

So I know that you say many of my blog posts have not been positive lately. Well I am sure that today was a very good one. Before jazz band, we spent like 15 minutes in our staircase. I feel like we have every right to claim it as ours because we havent so many memories there! Ahh, this afternoon I also made you cam-whore with me for a while, experimenting with silly poses and such. Photo is of my favorite from today. :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Te Amo Con Todo Mi Corazon

No, I am not a fan of arguements nor do I have a fetish for them. I am not a magnet to it. I have simply lost my consciousness of what I was doing and moving too freely by thought and mouth. I'm slowly molding a better understanding from all of these mistake that I am making, and I apologize for having to take you along for such a bumpy ride. I think it's kind of nice how neither of us would agree to any kind of "break", but then again I would rather not push it. Forever yours, I will continue to try to be better for you. Happy Easter to all! I hope your's was much more enjoyeable than mine ever is! [along with every other holiday] And if you don't celebrate it, well.. Happy Sunday :) Goodnight. Photo is of a phrase, which I realized this morning, that I need to always hold close to me. I got bored and decided to paint it on my ankle.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mah Cousin Fer Life :)

It feels like you're not even trying right now, but whatever. Hrmm.. I look back on today and see nothing special. It's sad for me to admit that I woke up and did nothing. I kind of would rather have slep tthe whole day away. Finally being able to chat online, I was talking to the bestie about how one of these Summers I'm going to buy a plane ticket and visit him in Cali >:] We are going to roadtrip down to LA and SF and live it up! It honestly has me so excited for the time we can finally drive and jsut be our own. I haven't seen this boy for like a year from the last time he visited, but boy do I miss him so! I swear..if he was here, our hs years would be so epic. I highly believe, my emotions wouldn't be on such a rampage because he'd probably slap me silly before they did. haha Photo is of a parallel text off of Sparknotes that I printed out for Macbetha-tha.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Be A Teen & Explore

I'm coming to realize that I need to move on. Sure I still want to fix what
I've wronged, but on days like this, when it doesn't work out I should find something else to do. I need to explore the sociableness of my persona, instead of conserving it for a select few. I'm 16 and shouldn't let all the problems of the my mind pull me apart. This world was made for billions of people. I need to get the jist of meeting my share of them. Today I went to the doctor's to get some prescription for allergy meds. I learned that I have grown a bit and lost a bit of 5 pounds. Eh, I'll probably gain it back, but it was seriously a happy spark in my mediocre day. I need to get a life lol. Photo's of the obvious. I went to Masagana after the doctor's to get food. *shivers*

Thursday, April 1, 2010

UO Amazingg

Hrmm.. I could be lame and do some kind of April Fool's joke but naahh..hrm today I was actually social on a decent level! Whoever I talking to, I kep the conversation well together! :D After school, jazz was bearable, and after that I had to let you go. I'm coming to some kind of acceptence of letting you go to friends, but I still dont like it! haha I went to the nice Ueban Outfitters up in Montclair today for the first time was really nice! :D I ended up buying some nice v-necks and a nice shirt. I love it there! I also got a fake mustache mirror and nail polish woot! Photo is of you and your Play-Doh mustache :D