Monday, April 26, 2010

I Should Be In A Bed Sleeping In Ohio!

Good god, today was such a tiring day! We got back last night around 8PM, but that didn't stop me from feeling tired today during school. No one wanted to be suffering through classes or walking through halls. All day I caught myself saying that I should he in a bad in Ohio sleeping! I held strong for most of the day, but I lost it 12th period. My Chem class was supposed to take notes on a PowerPoint Presentation, so the lights were off. That is the first mistake. Then, we never got to the notes. Instead, Mr. Lepo just talked and talked like no tomorrow about random things. So ofcourse, being drowsy from Band Trip, and with lights off, my eyes begin to droop. Right before the bell rang, I flinched and woke up in a startle. It was a little embarrassing, yet funny. After school, jazz band was canceled due to the tiredness of everyone. I actually went over the love's house without the worry and left on time. It was such a beautiful feeling, being able to lay with him again, just relaxing. I haven't seen him in four days, and 2 days was the limit. I made a sacrifice tonight, though I'm not sure if it was a smart one. I found my heart feeling heavier than my body, with the urge to throw up. I am the dramatist; I am not proud. Though, now we webcam and my heart feels at home. Photo is of webcamming.