Friday, April 30, 2010

Battle Of The Classes

Today was like the first step for man on the moon. Just kidding. Today definitely felt like a first step. After school, we went to Deejay's house to watch them rehearse for battle of the classes. The Freshies definitely have a good act going for them. The important step in my eyes was the fact that Ana and Jacob hung out together somewhat in the same group. It wasn't really awkward at all. No hard feelings or anything. They don't realize it, but they do have things in common. It made me happy to see that, it really did. Today is our 7th monthary and it should have been a good day and it was for the most part. It sucks that we couldn't really spend the day with eachother, but I'll get what I can. It's 12:29AM and I think I already fucked up. I'm this douche who doesn't always listen. Photo is of a condom my brother openly leaves on the computer table. ew.