Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Deprivation of sleep has been creeping up on me again. Yesterday we webcammed until about 2:30AM. School was a little hard to get through because by first period I wanted to fall asleep! Even as I type this now at 11:35PM, my eyes are begging to close shut for the night. Today was kinda cool. The love, Deejay, and I traveled to Jacob's hosue to pick up a chord for Jazz Band and by the time we got there, practice was basically over. Then, we went to his house again.. [jeesuss it was so tiring walking so much! xD ] We only stayed for a bit because learning that his mother was on her way home, I was going to play it safe and not do anything. Kiss kissed in the stairway made me melt! Photo is of an ad I had to do during class.