Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is It Over Yet, YAY

Hopefully my stresses are over for the week and excitement can reign on. After enduring a whole day of school, we got started on Deck-A-Wall at 3PM.I really enjoy doing big projects as this, but I can't deny how hectic it gets at times.Running around and trying to fix things here and there, directing people what o do all gives me gray hairs. Whether we win or lose is something I'm really not concerned about anymore. I just know that once I left, the problem was out of my hands and I could breathe again. Afterwards, Jae and I got a ride to Ana's house where we chilled for a bit completely drained of life, tired, and still having a lot ahead of us. We went to go food shopping which was fun and once I got home, I had to finish packing, eat, and take a long needed shower. I'm really upset that my laptop still didn't work, but I did fix it partially tonight, which kept me a bit happy. Photo is of Rey's smilie face :D