Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We went on a double date with Alo and Joriz today. Instead of just me and him getting dropped off at stuffed cupcakes, we decided to go to SmashBurgers in Glen Ridge. the sign of it, i will agree with them, looks like a rip off of Game Stop. The food is pretty good there and the sandwiches are monster! The only bad part was the bacon strips inside. I wouldn't have minded it if it weren't for the fact that I had bacon and eggs every morning in Ohio. Everything feels really chill and relaxed when we hang out with, which is something I am so grateful of. It's a really great feeling being able to to hang out with other people as a couple, together. Yhen, Joriz had work at 4:30PM, so she got changed and then we went to Applegate Farm :D There, me and the love ordered a sundae which was very delicioso! Today was a good day, and we can just leave it at that. Photo is of cup from today :D