Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Dog & An Owner

I would be ashamed to admit that today wasn't very eventful, so l am ashamed. It really shouldn't be a shock because my Sundays never really were anything amazing in the first place. I don't want to admit that such a day I wouldn't be embarrassed to share relies on talking to him, but it may be true. Thee is the story of the dog and her master. Wait no, that seems too controlling.. let us refer to him as her best friend. ( you know.. "man's best friend") The two share a great relationship when they are together. They both wouldn't change it for the world. The dog is bound to home, so its not like she gets the chance to leave whenever. Therefore, she cherishes the time she has with him. He on the other hand has full freedom to go about in the world and do many things. Some days he will spend the entire day with friends and live. The dog knows better not to be jealous because that is just how life works out. She is bound to home while he is out. She does not get mad or run a rampage and destroy the house, but she simply waits for his return. The downer days are the long events where he comes home late and goes straight to bed. As soon as he walks in, the dog's tail gives off a little wag. He is more than tired and gives her a little ruffle through her hair with his right hand, showing he cares, nonetheless. He continues into the room. Door shut, the dog kind of just sits there, all wagging stopped. An inevitable sadness hovers overhead after a long day's session of the waiting game ends in a fade out. She gets up and heads back over into her bed, only hoping that tomorrow will be a better, more eventful, day. As much as I would not want to compare myself to the role of a dog, the information has its relevance. I do not get mad or anything. It is simply a bit of disappointment that will hopefully fade away tomorrow. Photo is of me eating shrimp chips and watching Monster this afternoon. :)