Thursday, April 8, 2010

Drowsy's Got Nuttin' On Me

Despite the fact that I could still be sleeping right now, blogging has become a priority over the couce of like 260 or so previous posts. Anywho, today was pretty decent. What caught me off guard though was how I seemed upset or something to you after school when I was just napping on your shoulder. I was just napping,silly.. you're very comfortable to lie on! We chilled at DJs house for a while just in fact to not go home. We watched a recording of the play, pointing things out like the awkward dancing of certain people xD Hmm.. well tonight you went to church and I was feeling a little drowsy, so I went in for a nap. There wa s no guarantees that I would wake up again to talk to him, but I did. I was quite happy with that and texted back.. and then I fell asleep again. Lol man.. i just really need so Zzz's I guess haha. Photo is of just pics I was taking on the way home. Cam-whoring.