Sunday, April 18, 2010

Full Day Craze

My boyfriend would kill me, if he knew I was writing this at 2:25AM. He told me to go to bed by 1AM, but holy cow I've had a great day of work! It was stressful nonetheless, but it wasn't as if someone was holding a gun to my head. The thoguht that there is so much due tomorrow continued to flood my head, causing it to pulse. I just finished editting a video project for English. It's only extra credit, but I'm currently getting a 77 in the class. Deck-A-Wall is coming together, but I can't bring anything in tomorrow as requested. DUDE. I went to the dollar store today to get supplies and I LOVE THAT STORE. I don't know, maybe it's the fact that we're in some kind of late depression/recession, but I loved seeing so many useful items for like a dollar. I don't care if it was cheap! >:0 I want to go back! Photo is of the CD I'm handing my video in as. I'm actually proud of it! Check it out here.