Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mah Cousin Fer Life :)

It feels like you're not even trying right now, but whatever. Hrmm.. I look back on today and see nothing special. It's sad for me to admit that I woke up and did nothing. I kind of would rather have slep tthe whole day away. Finally being able to chat online, I was talking to the bestie about how one of these Summers I'm going to buy a plane ticket and visit him in Cali >:] We are going to roadtrip down to LA and SF and live it up! It honestly has me so excited for the time we can finally drive and jsut be our own. I haven't seen this boy for like a year from the last time he visited, but boy do I miss him so! I swear..if he was here, our hs years would be so epic. I highly believe, my emotions wouldn't be on such a rampage because he'd probably slap me silly before they did. haha Photo is of a parallel text off of Sparknotes that I printed out for Macbetha-tha.