Friday, April 16, 2010

Mother Nature Sucks

I woke up at 12:30PM today! There is always a sense of slight disgust with myself, but oh well. I feel like when I wake up at any second before 11AM, I still have a morning to spare. But when my groggy eyes fix onto a clock reading 12:30PM or any minute in the eleventh hour, I feel like a morning was wasted. Not much happened today (it's not like my life is exploding with events), but I still have the greatest urge to go to GSP mall! Buddies from the other night actually invited me to go earlier, but because I came home so late, I knew it wasn't happening. Today was also more focused on hustling my ass on all the work I have waiting for me, due Monday. It is a very stressful thing too - waiting for your period. It is more especially irritating when the lame iPod app you downloaded lies to you, saying it was supposed to come 4 days ago. Come on, Mother Nature! Photo is of a spider I killed this morning. -_-'

And here's another photo just for the sake of it's cuteness.