Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Only Been Three Days

One of the only downfalls of today was the craptastic rehearsal I had tonight. PJ came late and even with that, it felt even longer than usual. I will be honest and blame it on the fact that I didn't eat anything today. That fact is chained to the fact that we had a Pep Rally today. Band kids were excused during period 6 which was my lunch period. I personally decided not to go, and so I never got food. I expected to get food after school, but that failed. I hung out with him after school and chilled at his house. Even though it has only been three days, I've been loving every second of it. Its kind of crazy, hiding from the world, but at the same time not. It's like playing Mission Impossible! XD The past three days have been the best, and you are the biggest distraction in my head. :) Oh, I also misplaced my wallet I'm kind of irritated about that. I can only hope that it's either in the band room, guard closet, or in my locker, if I remember correctly!