Saturday, October 3, 2009

To The Buses

Today was our second competition held at South Brunswick. Our performance was not so great and the rain attacked tonight. We got changed and ate after the performance and headed to the bleachers to watch the rest of the show. After two bands or so, the slight drizzling began to pour immensly. I watched for Mrs B or any Drum Majors to give orders because we definitely were not going to sit in the pouring rain. Me and Jaelynn, for one, could've sworn to have heard Mrs. B say, "To the buses". At that I followed the crowd which was leading back the other way to the entrance. With about half the band running back to the buses I get a phonecall from Jae saying how much trouble half us are in. She was under the bleachers with the rest of the band. Immediately, I got pissed off. I was more mad of the fact that she may have given two distinct orders and if anything, one right after the other. Many of us only heard one. It upsets me that she was furious with us in result of one of the biggest misunderstandings ever. The rest of the band met up with us and Mrs. B basically scolded us. No one was willing to stand up and say what we thuoght when she asked if anyone heard her give the order "To the buses". Uh..I text Jacob the whole time, so that made me feel better XD. At awards, we were not allowed to cheer. We got 5th out of 6 lmfao haha. failure. I do want to have a decent season, but right now its not working out. The ride back to the highschool was good. I talked on the phone for a little bit with Jacob and then moved a couple seats up to chill with Ana and Roland. :D I like the middle of the bus.