Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Like A Limp Koala

Happy Hump Day! XD Today was a pretty good day, nothing too bad happened. I love the second that the bell rings at 2:31PM. Getting through a whole day, I can now get my reward :D haha Spending time with him is what I look forward to every day, and it never disappoints me. Unfortunately, a friend of his was around, so we couldn't do much in the band room. It was still fun though.. I jumped onto his back and just hung there like a limp weight/koala. I don't usually feel comfortable jumping on people, because I'm too heavy for them to carry. In this case, Jacob didn't seem to have too much of a problem with me, it was shocking XD Rehearsal today was alright, just kind of boring. I absolutely love, though, how we have been sweating inside more than being outside. My gloves now have sweat blotches on it- quite attractive! As I talk to him now, it's getting really harder to wait for Friday. XD ..and yeah I know you're reading this. lol