Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today was a good day.. :) well, moreover, the night was pretty up there. The day itself was just sectionals, so nothing too crazy. We went over the new work learned from the previous night and then everyone got tested on the 3rd number. That was kind of funny.. I know what it feels like to be a first year and have to do a run-though on your own.. XD it's pretty nerve wrecking, not going to lie! Most of the rookies forgot the work out of nervousness, winning themselve a couple laps around the bus route.

My night was a pretty decent one. I tried to do homework, which overall failed, but I also tried to get Sison's pants done. As I've done mine, I'm hemming in people's uniform pants to fit nicely like skinnies. I havent asked for money because I think I still suck and these are my friends, so no charge! I kind of effed her pants, so I'll fix that tomorrow night. ANYWAYS, after that, I had a good 48 minute conversation with him.. :) I feel really grateful to have someone like him because as tired as he may be, there was that little sacrifice to stay up with me. I told him not to, but he insisted. =P Nights like this are what I love.