Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Idea Slapped Me In The Face

Oww..my face hurts. I really need to stop popping my own pimples xD I'm making it worse haha. Bleh practice today was a little on the cloudy side. I couldn't think as clearly, because another thought fogged up my mind. Jealousy is the worst, deceitful feeling out there. Ahh..so I just came back after like an hour off the computer from not finishing this and I used Smooth Away on my upper lip. GOOD GOD IT BURNS >.> Hrmm..well as for the picture I'll be posting, I was wandering the band room and passed by the stack of empty boxes that once held our brand new instruments. An idea slapped me in the face and I decided to grab a sharpie and began drawing! :D this is what became of it! Gee, leave me with a marker and some cardboard boxes, and miracles start popping out of no where! It's amazing! >:D