Sunday, October 11, 2009

Deprive Me More

I really cant believe I'm still awake right now. Sleep deprivation is a good term to use at this moment. This long day began with forcing myself to wake up at 7AM to report at 7:30AM. Due to Columbus Day, the band had to do a Town Hall performance and a parade route. Both were faily interesting, but quite tiring. Afterward, me, Jaelynn, Emily, and Ana went back to Ana's for her party. Tonight was really fun as more of the band people I love came. Rey, Joe, and Roland actually showed up, yayy! We all laid in the street in a comfy blob and stared at the stars. We also discussed life and its goodies. Then, we ended up playing Manhunt. I would have to say: that was the best session of that game I've even been apart of. I ended up rolling on the ground after almost running into Emily, rolling on my ankle, and slipping on the muddy grass! We did the two extremely different things, and both were quite enjoyable. :D