Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I've Found You.

I feel like my whole world has cleared up. Tonight brought around the most heart opening conversations that I should have had a few months back. I finally realized why it wasn't working out. Our status is only meant to be kept at a level of friendship at most. You told me that you're heart beated faster every time you saw me. I couldn't take it and told you my honest thoughts. I was mentally lost in this relationship and my heart wasn't beating as fast. I finally acknowledged what does make my heart race though. My smile gets bigger as this person replies to me right now. The fullest of moons can't even beat the brightness of my smile in this dark room. As you said, best night ever.
Oh, I went to my pediatritian today for a physical. All sophmores are required to get one this year, so today was my day. It was so awkward how they made me change into a medical gown.. I also got three shots. D: Two boosters and one Tetanus shot. Apparently it now looks like I have Tetanus because i also got bit by a mosquito tonight at practice. >.>