Friday, September 18, 2009

Officialy With.

Today made it official. I could put up the date here, but thats too cliche. Rey laughs about how we should've made it yesterday, so we could share dates/months. far as feelings go, the update from friendship status doesn't feel tooooo different. Ofcourse it makes me feel happier, but I'm not surprised by hugs from behind or intertwining hands. Maybe it is because of my loving relationship with Rey..haha I love my gay friends. XD I'm not sure, but I guess it portrayed "practice", allowing me to feel comfortable with the switch over. As I thought about it for the past two days, the feeling didn't fully hit me until earlier today during classes. Whenever I thought about it, my stomach felt butterfly-ey and brought a smile up. I also noted that it's strange telling myself that I'm not single anymore. It's just been so long, that I got used to the term! Well, from now till whenever, I can only hope for the best.