Saturday, September 19, 2009


So today I had practice from 10-1PM and practice actually went by faster than I had expected it to! It wasn't a hardcore practice or anything, but things definitely got done. Afterward, I hit it off to BK in Nutley with Joe, Fred, Jae, Ana, and Jonathan. We ate and what not, and then went to the park nearby. We literally stayed there for about 5 hours.. a lot of things can happen if five hours! For example, a bitchy mother can accuse you of detouring her childrens' playtime; you could get your phone stolen and find out that an 11 yr old girl in a pink shirt took it, while getting it back; and do various challenges of obstacles. From what I can add up, the day went good.

It's still wierd..I think about it in the shower and still try to convince myself that I'm not single.. I don't know.. the idea will hit me eventually and I'll be happy with it.