Sunday, September 6, 2009


So looking back on today, all I can think about was our little trip to Babooo! I feel bad because I ended up pushing back our plans about an hour. My brother got into a movie around 2PM, after I had told him I needed to be at Ana's by 2:30. I didn't get there till 3PM and on the way to Jersey City we hit major traffic..

Finally there, we found our way to Babo where I ordered a good old Honeydew Smoothie with tapioca balls. :D We purchased two orders of curley fries, while I got an order of Sweet & Sour Chicken Dumplings. :D Sitting at the small yet stylish tables, we awaited our food and savored our drinks. DJ apparently does not like tapioca balls. Joe, Ana, and I were the utmost confused, because it's what makes the drink! We left afterwards, and wandered around the city. We took pictures and talked to random asian strangers- it was great. Someone mistook my for a person named "Jackie" and I played along with it. We headed to Newport Mall, which was on the verge of closing. At the pet store, we adored all of the dog breeds, the bunnies, the guinea pigs, and even the random guinea pig inside the rabbit cage! Upon leaving the store, we turned to a gumball machine. Directions claim that if you got the white gumball, you won a free feeder fish. Joe was completely up for it and within two chances we got it! We didn't even have to tell the cashier because our jumping and laughing was obvious enough. So there we had it. A fish in a bag. We proclaimed him Carlos and tried to give him away outside. Finally, a couple with children accepted the random offer and we headed back to Babo for the night. We fattened up once again on drinks. I also ordered a waffle with Nutella filling. ITS AMAZING. we chilled otu there the rest of the night and one of the employees even asked for our help! :D He asked for us to try a new kind of pearl that "popped" when bitten into. It was filled with passion fruit. Excited, we all tried it and gave our opinions. The guy was very chill and I'm looking foreward to coming back to try those pearls with an actual fruit drink!

Random fact: There's a lot of Indians in Jersey City.