Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh, How I Crave

Today was decent. After practice, Audrey, Ana , and I went to Wendy's to fill up our stomachs. Today, Aud got her braces removed and I think it's so different seeing her without them! I kind of miss them, to be honest! I'm happy for her though. I've never had the experience or pain of wearing braces, but I've heard so many times that once you get them off, it's like a miracle and you keep licking your teeth! After Wendy's we headed back to the courts. I reallyu don't know how I made it because my legs had done their walking for the day. There, we met up with the Sax section, who were journeying to Coldstone's as a reward for best section. I would have loved guard to win that reward, but we are far from top status. Oh, how I crave a Like It Birthday Cake Remix!! -dies- I'm always up for some good old Coldstone's! I never really tried their shakes, but I've fallen in love with those as well! SO GOOD!

Back at Ana's, we died Marison's hair, but it wasn't the greatest result. For some reason the bleach product wasn't working fast enough and even after the hour we waited, the color still wasn't blonde enough. We dealt with it and continued on. I had to leave half was through, but from what I heard, the purple was dark. Marison wasn't sad, and that was something that made me happy. I didn't want to feel a blame for an accident that just didn't work out. We did the best we could.