Monday, June 21, 2010

MyDayWith Jacob

So I look back on today, and it went beyond well. This morning, I had no intentions of going to school other than picking up the boyprend. Fears of cutting school have completely left my mind, as I woke up in Summer mode- the mode I've been in since the last day of finals. I woke up and got dressed. [AND MET UP WITH THIS REEEEAL SEXY GUY NAMED JACOB. hahaha today me and stefanellie over dur hung out and made pancakes.. it was awesome we really got creative when it came to makin pancakes lol. but unfortunately our day had to end :l.. we tried to fix her ps3 but its crapped out cuz sony sucks mofo!!... but forreal i just helped stef one day closer too 365 posts :] keep on going almost theeeeere!!] I took the school bus and met up with him. From there, we walked out the farthest exit in the math wing and made our way to the bus stop. The walk was pretty damned warm, I'll give it that! We came home, and I took my very much needed shower. For a while we watched TV, tried to fix the PS3 and then we eventually made pancakes. Though they may have not been IHOP style, they were the best pancakes I've ever made in my life with the best person, too. We got full pretty fast. I still can't believe that spent the whole day together- cheesy as it may sound, it was like a dream come true. I've always wanted to spend a morning with him. It's almost like waking up with your significant other on a Saturday morning and just feeling that sense of complete happiness and satisfaction in every aspect of your life. I love having that feeling with you and it makes me eager for the day I can finally wake up and have you by my side. Photo is of our amazing pancakes :)