Thursday, June 24, 2010

"I Can't Believe I Did It"

The first lap was a warm up. We walked through the shortcut just to get a taste of it. Second lap, we hopped right into a jog around the entire circular route of Branch Brook Park. Goodness, those swerves and turns seemed never ending. Past the half way point, I began to think to much. I wanted to stop, out of free will, at some points. The pain in my sides were very subtle and never any different as it were minutes before. I constantly reminded myself, "If it hurts the same as it did when we first started, then what's the point of stopping now?" This morning finally taught me a better example of Nike's motto, "Just Do It" Sometimes, I thought too hard, but it was pointless. I was only holding myself back. Before weaknesses could get the best of me, I was back at our starting point of my sister's boyfriend's car. I even pushed myself to do a little circle around the car before stopping - I was so proud of myself. I got through the entire route without stopping. When I stopped though, my legs almost collapsed in. Finally, I took a warm-down walk around the shortcut with the sister. We actually had good conversation this morning, discussing school and other matters. I came home, took a shower and had breakfast. For the rest of the day, I found myself in a car with my brother driving to Philly for business matters. Bored and unwilling to stay at home with creepy crawlers, I tagged along. It was fun for a good portion, finding ourselves in settings from I Am Legend. Cons solely involved getting lost and my brother;s GPS being of no help at all, with such a lag. Today was good and I'm proud of what I did this morning. Now to do it again tomorrow - maybe. Photo is of a familiar setting which was also nearby the part of the movie where Sam runs into the dark building.