Saturday, June 5, 2010

Initiative, Inspirafion Speech

This weekend HOBY solidifies some that would fluxuate in my life. Coming to a leadership thing I didn't expect much outside the box,but HOBY has taught me morals beyond leading a group of people. On the drive here i didn't have much excitement or nervousness. But surprisingly enough, as i walked up to registration there was the 'tunnel time" going where the junior/senior advisers stood on the two sides of a tunnel screaming and yelling enthusiastically for you to pass through. In the course of a weekend this program had taught me something I've lacked a consistency in. taking initiative and not just in a group o people, but in my own personal Life most especially. First of all family. Te first speaker guy talked and borrowed time and how you always should take. The chances in life. You wont always have those second or third chances. It made me want to change my ways and really give my mother the affection she deserves because honestly the thought of my mother and father dying in a car crash on the way here devastates me. I know that i have not lived our relationship as parent and daughter to the fullest. With friends, more less the guy i plan on spending the rest of my life with, i Allow us to fall in to arguments way to easily. I am going to start taking much more initiative in my life to understand- to think in his POV because if hes dead tomorrow the effect with my parents is the same. With friends, i have always had a fluctuation of being out going and then being they nervous awkward quiet loner. I hated it so much but this weekend has proven to me that hey, its okay to just walk up to someone and be friendly. From there you find something to talk about. Even though in the real world there isnt much of an understanding that we are all individuals considering egos and clicks, hoby at least proved to me that it is possible and okay to walk up t a complete stranger. I would used to second guess whether i should or shouldn't walk up to some one and miss the chance. Here i didn't have worries and plopped up a chair next to a stranger. I have been inspired to radiate my new confidence even starting tonight with the dance. I took a really nervous stiff tense boy on the floor and began to teach him. I wanted to give him the same confidence i have gotten and to not care what others think. I got him to take off the awkward blazer he wore and un tuck his button down shirt and dance told him how to move his feet and extend his arms. By the end of the night i saw him dancing with other people :) i felt good about myself. And since i i said talkk be like that i wanted to help some one out too. I have been taking my initiative with a y steps including the decision to stand up and talk to you guys like this. This weekend has taught my something I've been inconsistent with and I'm so thankful for that opportunity. Thanks guys, i love you all.X

Today was so much betterthan yesterday. There were less lectures and more activities that had us up an about. At one point i. Ecame pissed off just for fact that i had three catty girls in my group. There are nice but theres a thi g about thrm that irrotates me. A click could easily form bu after a while i did t care. You make the best of your night and not care what peopl thiml. Do that anr youre set for life. The dance was good. Frankly i have my much more people tonight than the past tep days sitting around. I walked up to people and started dancing with people (cleanly) . Then when i got tired i sat with strangers and had the greatest conversations about boyfriends/ girlfriends an phones . They are the coolest people ive met so far. They all at out because they had a boyfriend or gf but i danced anyway. Just cus i know i cant "dance like that" any wY amd wouldmt if the oppprtu ity came up. I have my man :) photo is of a cup i drew on while listening to during a presentation. The box i made too haha