Friday, June 4, 2010

See Ma, We Could Wear Shorts!

So today was the first day of my stay at Monmouth University for this HOBY leadership seminar. It was definitely much more than i had expected! But back tracking to this morning? Oh my, what a stressful morning that was! Basically, last night carried into today with my mother yelling at me to. Bring this and that. I realize that she does it out of care and sorry but its a little over the limit or out of bounds of the correct way. The way she addresses me to bring items was just too much pressure on top of my own worry to pack by myself. But anyways, we got here really early. We left the house a little past and got here at a little past 8.

As of expectations, it was NOT what i expected! When you think leadership seminar you think boring and formal,when actually the people are crazy hyper and fun. While still getting the message across. It all began driving up to registration parking lot. The people directing us pointed the way and screamed "are you readdyyy!!??hooobbyy!!" and then when we went to registration table we walked through "the tunnel" of cheering and welcome. I got to the dorm and got settled, still with no room mate. We went back down to the orientation. To find that this is where i part ways with my sister and mom. It was a quick depart but i was ready. From there i walked over to a group of other ambassadors in the beginning of a chain of ice breaker games which was pretty interesting considering the energy already established. After, we found ourselves in groups at a hall at specific tables. There music played ,we jammed awkwardly just kidding. We have learned SOO many cheers today its insane! A big importance about this weekend to me is to explore my social abilities that I know I have. My group is a bit awkward but were warming up to each others. At times I dislike it because I have 3 catty girls and it kind of got annoying how they would text or only speak to each other. But then again my so skills aren't on blast yet. I look forward for tomorrow with that. After the talks and dancing , the after of lectures began. The first was good and pretty moving. The man ripped a 20 bill in pieces to signify its importance. After that, the presentations got monogamous and sleep started to catch on. Then we made commercial skits to sell a product based on a good characteristic of leadership. They activity actually let us bond better in a way and all my bets or on tomorrow. i realized today to not leave out those shy awkward people because i well enough know i used to be that same girl. Photo is of the dorm :D