Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Day Well Spent

So today was pretty fun, not gonna lie. It was a half-day and I basically didn't go to any of my classes and just stayed in the band room from third period on to the next day. We played ninja a lot and just chilled out. I also got my schedule for next year changed which was very relieving. Instead of accepting the stress of trying to learn by myself in Physics H, I'm just going to join everyone in AP Chem where I will feel much more comfortable! :D Talking to Mr. Doldi today felt really good and I felt so comfortable in their classroom. It's where I belong haha just kidding. After school, I fell into that dilemma I fell into ever so often. I set my mind for the day to be with him, but he had to go home. That's where I feel like the day ends for me and that is part of the reason of my problems. I can't dwell on the idea that if I can't hang out with him, my day is done. Those days are the perfect opportunity to hang out with others. At first I asked Ana, but she had a party to go to. Then, I thought of Aud, and I became so happy. I haven't hung out with her in so long and this was a great opportunity! We chilled at her house for the afternoon, and even Roland showed up! At first, me and her watched a bunch of weird-ass videos on Youtube about ass-to-face and dick-slamming "dances". Then, Roland came over and we got to watch this Korean Horror movie called Death Bell. It was alright, except I began to grow tired and started dozing off. After the movie, we played [I failed] at Ping-Pong outside. At the end of it, Roland beat Audrey in their match and we just shouldn't discuss mine. haha We went back inside because we were getting eaten alive by mosquitoes!! After a little while of chilling by the piano and listening to me fail at singing also, I got a ride from Roland home. I look back on it and am finally happy to say I had a well-spent afternoon despite my normal mindset. Tonight I began to watch my old DVD of Spirited Away, but grew tired once again. I'm off to take a nap soon. Photo is of Ping-Pong :D