Friday, June 18, 2010

I Never Knew Days Could Be Themed

So, from the minute my eyes opened up this morning, things did not go according to plan. First and foremost, I woke up late at around 7:42AM, too late to catch the bus. Being that these half-days are a waste of time anyway, I didn't even bother to try to get to the hs. There was, of course, only one person who gave me reason to go. My plan was to take the bus before noon to meet up with him or it would be that he would take the bus over here. As the theme of today goes, that did not go accordingly. As I texted him through other peoples' phones, it turns out that the risks are too great to hang out today. Instead of whining and sulking about the let-down as usual, I held myself still, and just suggested for better. It worked well. I requested a phone call or webcamming later own to make up for it. I was, in that point, happy. Today's theme had yet to fade. Later on in the day, we were on AIM and his brother had to use . I really didn't mind at all, as I continued to watch the the movie 500 Days of Summer. I loved it!! :) Then, he came back, apologizing for the inconvenience. I tried to assure him that it was okay, but then he directly assumed that I seemed mad. Maybe it's my fault for causing so many problems between us, which has then led to you being so used to a mad me. With this sudden accusation shoved in my face, I was confused - in no bad way at all! Then, I tried to reassure that no, I'm not mad, along with questions of how I even seemed mad. Hey, I was confused so I asked. Being mistaken for speaking in a rude, freaking-out way, I got a "jeez chill out". Oh and then I got a "Please just stop talking" and "effin relax" and "babe leave me alone". The entire time I was just confused and in a content mood, happy to be talking to you, hoping to get out of this rut. All I did was ask how I seemed mad, when I really wasn't - and then you freaked out on me. As I was then, I am now. I'm not going to be the one apologizing this time. I would really like to talk to you again soon, but it's not my move to make right now. Photo is of a sharpie thing I tried to do to. wamp lol.