Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LOL. Finals Are Ovaa!!

So..never leave me alone. It may lead to violent, tragic thoughts like wanting to get into a car accident on the way home from the mall. Because in that situation, maybe God will give me another chance. I'll be in a hospital bed and old friends I've drifted from will come back caring, regardless of what I've done to them, how unfair I've been. From there, my new chance would begin and the second they ask me to chill, the "yes!" is already out of my mouth.

Today was the last day of finals - THANK GOD! I finished my Chem final in 10 minutes and drew the following photo in the time to spare. Today was also Band Room Clean-Up which was alright. There were still teachers in the building and we got in trouble like twice for being loud. I guess we really pissed them off this time! haha I don't really care. Afterwards, I got a little upset. I wanted to hang out with you. We are friends and I want to repair our friendship. I regret the bad choices I have made because it pulled apart. Hell yes, I'll admit that I'm jealous you're so close with them! We used to be like that, and I used to be at your place every day. They're definitely more entertaining though.. I was never much of a show. And now, you guys make plans, and I really don't have anyone. I'm the loner nowadays and I basically go home every day. It's my fault though, and it kills me. It didn't effect me right away because I randomly got picked up by Jae, Alo, and Joriz to play volleyball. We played along with a group of RU kids, which was fun. When I got home, my parents were getting ready to leave for the mall and I went with. Tha'ts when everything hit me. I was aggravated with myself. I was lonely and bitter. Kind of like an old man, you know? The guilt trips came rushing back, and I don't blame them. I have been such a bad friend, not only to you, but to everyone. I'm so sorry, again.