Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy BSing!

Here I am, grateful for the end of another day. This has been giving me more hours to close my eyes, and make up for lost hours. Today was cool. It was the first day of finals, and my first two were easy. First perdio I have SAT Prep, so I just chilled this morning. Then, I had French, where as I didn't know anything because my teacher hasn't been here for two weeks. Therefore, I BSed much of my French 2 Final :D I went the the festival with my parents tonight. I may have seemed anti-social, just sitting there, but I just didn't want to go in general. Plus, I was too cold to try to talk to anyone, so I texted haha. Today, I also went on a sort of date with him. we walked to Lil urgers in Nutley and then Stuffed Cupcakes - somethign I've wanted to do for a while. Photo is of the cupcake we got. :D