Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ping-Pong Redemption & New BIkes

Tonight I went to Roland's for his graduation party and I must say that it went very, very well. Previous awkward scenarios had me go straight for a regular hang-out. Once I got out of the car, everything was actually pretty good. I chatted it up with good friends, even though it was only a couple, and I made the best of tonight. We had some good food, sat in a little circle under a tent while it drizzled inconsistently, and talked about anything and everything. I really engaged myself and it was rare that I felt like the oddball out. Ah! We also pulled out the ping-pong table and I definitely redeemed myself! It was pretty humiliating when I played at Aud's with Roland last week because I just flat out sucked! Oh, but tonight, I was pretty proud of what I was doing with that paddle ;D For a majority of the time I converse with Olga and Ariel, two of the chillest people in the world. Eh, my scab kinda opened up and started bleeding because I itched it and Olga freaked out. That was a little embarrassing. Me and Olga make a pretty good team because when we play, wall counts as in. [along with chairs, floor, tent, etc.] As it got darker, we all ended up going inside. I needed to get some shelter because I was getting eaten alive! Kristine and Kate came back with a movie called It's Alive. Something to do with mutant fetuses being born and killing everyone around and eating people and animals, this movie GOT TO ME. Typically, I watch horror movies with friends and comment on it the whole time, laughing. The texting couch, Olga, Aud, me, and Ariel commented the whole time, but we fell weak to our disgust. Ariel sore to be a puncher during scary movies, yet I was the first to punch his leg out of fear! Unfortunately, I had to leave earlier, much before the movie ended. [and at a good part, too!!!!] And so, here I am, satisfied with my afternoon. Photo is of ping-pong, as it got darker and darker. My camera's flash is terrible, as all you can really see is Arie'ls white polo standing out.