Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Feel Like A Child Again

I really wish you could have come over today, but every reason is understood. My reason to even consider going to school this morning was gone, as you IMed me early this morning, as promised, saying that you weren't going. Therefore, I slept in until noon. When I woke up, it was only on forced reasons. I find it rude to be woken up because the person, in this case my mother, was begging me to eat. Hey, it great and thank you for the offer of beefsteak that lola made, but I'm sleeping. There is no need to wake me up now. I will find out when I do wake up. I took a shower and ate a while after, anyways. If it wasn't for other events that I may get invited to in the day, I would literally be home on the computer, stuffing my face with all the junk food available. Tonight I took the opportunity to go to Niel's birthday party/celebration. It was good for the most part. I just need to get used to being around the people who were always around, but I pushed away from this year. I plan on progressing in this direction. I don't regret going tonight at all, as awkward as I sometimes may have been. Roland kept saying "You're so awkward now," and I continued to question him on it. I sat next to Jeff and Roland during the movie. Boy, did I love Toy Story 3! The intro animation was so cute! "Day&Night" is what it was called. It honestly made me feel like a kid again. Jeff commented so loud on the movie a lot, but I kind of ignored it after a while. RIGHT when the movie was getting good, the screen goes blank! It resorts back to the previews and the exit signs began to flash a white light. Apparently, there was a fire. I thought it was so cool being able to go through the side exits behind the movie screen! I've always wanted to do so! Later, we found out that someone pulled it on their own. Jerk. Overall, tonight was great- something different from what I have been up to in my regular social life. Photo is of Roland and a random Hello Kitty plush that Ken brought.