Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stressing, But Everything Will Be Okay

I could've cut school today, but I think I liked my decision to stay. I haven't seen the guy I love for days and it was very relieving to feel those soft lips again. The day itself actually wasn't too bad. The fact that everyone cut for Senior Cut Day made all my classes empty, as if it were a half day! I can't deny the amount of stress I felt today though. Even though it is the end of the year, I feel like the work keeps piling on to get ready for the "big finish". Unfortunately, part of the reason why I had to stay today was because I was thrown the responsibility of making sure that the guard knew the 3rd number for tomorrow. That responsibility sat on top of all of these Finals Reviews that I have to get started on! After school, I got some food with the love and honestly, just being with him calmed me down a lot. Practice at 4 didn't go bad at all, considering that I got the DVD from All-States from Jeffrey to use as reference. Smart, right?! lol. I came home and hopped in the shower. It was much needed after a day feeling the gross humidity! Fresh out of the shower, clothed and all, I get a phonecall from Jae saying they have a surprise for me. They stopped by and I came down. As I'm walking towards the car, Alo, Joriz and Jae bust out with water balloons in their hands and start throwing!! What the haaiill, man! Right after my nice shower too!! I guess it's a new kind of love from friends. haha. Photo is of my SAT Prep assignment. It asked me to put a name and so I was referred to as "Nigg" for a good 10 slides.