Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Spilled Soy Souce On Myself Today.

So apparently I seemed off tonight? It may have been that I've been studying for tomorrow's finals while IMing you; it may have been your 4-minute interval replies in the beginning. The day has just been busy, but the afternoon was good. We may not have perfect days, but as long and we aren't arguing at the end of the day, I'm happy. For this past weekend, we have actually avoided such things from happening. I like it.

Exams today went pretty well. I only had one exam today: Algebra 2. It's pretty unfortunate to say that I haven't been paying attention all year because I've been texting in the back for a majority of the time. Luckily, I did post of the review packet which got me through most of the exam. After that, my usual schedule takes me to another study and then lunch. Today, I could have easily left and gone home, but that would have been silly. I'm here for my friends who are around and I'm staying until they get out xD After school, Jacob and I decided to come back to my place to chill. The plan seemed well, but better options came in the way. Alo and Joriz picked us up from the bus stop where we were supposedly waiting to get back to my place. Instead, I went home, got changed, and then we went out to get something to eat. We ended up going to the Chinese buffet next to Hooters, and it was decent for the $11.99 per head lunch charge. We haven't hung out with them recently and it was pretty nice getting to chill again. Then, we split up as they went to Petco and we roamed Guitar Center :) It wasn't until this day that I walked into the guitar barn in the back of the store filled with guitar godliness @_@ There were so many beautiful guitars and you could just sit down and play! Photo is of the galls galore of sex for your eyes and ears.