Saturday, June 19, 2010

Forgive And Forget? Life Is Good

Today has gone well, that is the greatest thing I can say. Though I have not spoken or talked to you ever since yesterday afternoon, I pushed it aside for today. At Deejay's house we had a lot of fun just chilling out and swimming in the pool. Goodness, the burgers there were delicious!! There is the ideal of forgiving and forgetting about something that works out. When you arrived, I was so shocked to get a kiss. I honestly thought you were going to say your greeting and sit right down as we watched TV. Yesterday didn't even get mentioned until we were alone as we tried to get the basement bathroom light to work. We hugged and you questioned how my heart was. I answered honestly with a "Better". It is true that my heart is always better when I'm with you, without a doubt. I asked you the same question in return, receiving the same answer. Then, you proceeded to mention, "Let's just forget about yesterday, okay?" No questions asked, I agreed. The afternoon was going good the way it was, so why would we alter that? I have finally come to realize that the Forgive&Forget method can be good sometimes. I'm the person who hates ignoring problems, so I always tackle them head-on. Then again, it saves less trouble by just moving on. Photo is of Jae and Deejay playing with the little kids. They were cute :D