Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How Do You Think I Feel Today?

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is pretty important and you’re so blessed to have that. I’m not joking. I’m jealous for anyone who has a really close family - it’s pretty vital in life and you shouldn’t really give it up..

so where does that put me?

Any happy mediums available?

Secret #1

I’ve been feeling pretty lonely lately.

Best friends are now a sort of “close friend” - yes, there is a difference.

And fault is at my hands, as it always had been.

I came home today knowing I have a project, a big one, due tomorrow. Yet, I allowed myself to procrastinate until about 830PM before really beginning. Today in itself was another one of those days where..you look back and you aren't very proud of your self and the choices you made. Photo is of Aud during lunch haha. She stuffed her face with as many marshmallows as she could xD