Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Learned Alot; Now To Retain.

OH dear god, I am beyond tired right now. This entire weekend has been way too long and tiring, but nonetheless worth it. I have learned great values there and made some cool friends. Even today as the weekend was ending, I continued to make more friends at breakfast.. Today was the day of closing ceremonies, and it was a bittersweet end. I'm trying to use what I learned at HOBY to be the promised change that they guarantee. I'm putting the steps forward to give a convenient path for them. It without a doubt was life changing, but I just need to keep my persistence up nice and high. Coming home from the car ride, we went to Willowbrook mall. We didn't get much other anything, but we did eat at the Cheesecake. I feel that I wasn't completely nice to my mother during lunch, but I wasn't master. I help back to keep off from her problems. I'm working at it I promise! Photo is of Anacon Hall before we were sent off the auditorium.