Thursday, June 3, 2010

HOBY Weekend, Here I Come!

Well, that was quite a difficult night. So tonight has consisted of packing/procrastinating for the HOBY Leadership Seminar I'm going to tomorrow. I mean hey, taking my sweeeet time is how I do it! I know that it was out of her best intentions to make sure I'm prepared, but telling me to bring this and that or asking if I brought this or why I haven't or won't bring this gets pretty annoying. It was at the point where I felt like I couldn't pack myself because I couldn't concentrate.Today was the end of my stressing this week, although I know it starts back up as soon as I get home on Sunday. I've looked up the Facebook group for this organization, and honestly, it looks pretty fun! The people look chill, though I am well aware the same, exact people won't be there this weekend. I set a goal for myself to be outgoing this weekend. I can't be afraid to publicly speak because the for the rest of my life, no matter what career I pursue, it will be a vital ability. Photo is of me in the fitting room. I got that dress :D Hrmm.. I might be MIA for the weekend with posts considering the seminar and no wifi.. haha.