Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Of All Days

I really need to stop eating my days away. I need to be more active. Even though I slept in until 1PM, I still ended up eating more than necessary. All that food kind of led me into a little depression, which I tried to sleep off in a way. I never was able to get back to sleep. Trying to sleep actually gave me a headache, so I left the room. As the night progresses or comes to an end right now, I am sad. I felt like the only thing that would let my day end well would be a nice cold, iced coffee. My sister went out about half an hour ago to get it, and she just came back - empty. Apparently Dunking Donuts "ran out". OF ALL DAYS?! Photo is of a chicken wrap from costco, part of today's "diet". Ugh, nasty shet.