Friday, April 9, 2010

We Will Breathe Air, Just You Wait

So todays not exactly something I would like to reflect on, but it is what I can't avoid with a 365 blog. Half-days definitely do not work out for us. Strike two. Today we got caught again and I found my face hidden behind your various Sunday's Bests hanging in your closet. My movements were non-existent and I would never allow them to be. Well, after Meeting 1 months ago, she now knows that we are dating. "Yes, she IS my girlfriend." As I listened to their conversation that was actually not as similar to an argument as I thought, I just stood there're and leaned against the wall. To consult with an adult the truth behind lies, I feel it is not my place to speak. My eyes connected with the wooden floor boards for a good 10 min with arms crossed. She is actually okay with us; she has nothing against me. Her concern is in the risks and dangers of serious relationships at such a young age. I respect that considering that she's had her share of a young reckless past as well. She is also lying to her husband, that is not a good place to be. When she left, it was instructed I had to leave. What really happened was that I ended up sitting on the floor, still paralyzed by reality. You sat next to me and comfort was needed in a time of guilt. You craved comfort and in my arms did we both find that. You sat infront of me and I wrapped my arms around you. My kisses around your neck and cheek were in reassurance that things will not alter in this heart that we share. We talked about the future and it was asked, "How do we get through 3 years when we haven't even gotten through one?" I told you not to think about the future. As much as I can't take my own advice, just live in the present. Though, if it did make you happy, you should know that no matter what the future brings, you will always have me. It'll be a bumpy 3 years, but we'll get through, I promise. We will be breathing air, just you wait. I am forever yours and you are forever mine.

From: Mr. Hotness


Apr 9, 10:45 PM

Photo is one of two drawings I did on index cards today.