Saturday, March 27, 2010

Define Pathetic

My life is so dependent. I am the saddest story of desperation and flaw. This whole day started off with baking two more batches of brownies , picking up from last night. Then I went to the bakesale at the hs for the play. i can't say it was fun, but something mediocre. I am the odd ball in this life that can't even converse for shits and giggles. I can say one thing to strike conversation, but then after that, I cant think of wat to say so I look away half the time. Im fairly jealous of you today. Youre finding a life better and though, i have found better too, its not everything. I would honestly be happy every second of the day if I was with him all the time, but Im not. And because I fucked our friendship over, i am absolutely nothing -ashes and dirt- without prupose. God help me because you are my last resort in this life. Photo is of the play.