Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hold Strong For Your Heart

So I am laying in bed right now with my head full of curls for tomorrow. It more or less happened out of pure boredon as I began to curl my hair with the straightener. I guess tomorrow will be a girly day haha.. As for today, the goal was to hold strong and be happy and optimistic. Goal scored. I held together and managed a good day with you.. The unfortunate part of today was you going to the ms right after school with sean.. I felt that.. Having such a good day called for spending ime well together after school too. ofcourse, I promised to stay strong. I cant pull you away from plans you make with friends. I had practice anyways.. The kind where we just BSed the whole time and was pointless. You said that to keep you around, all I had to do was say the magic words. I pulled myself together and insisted you to go.. I felt like it was part of the change where I cant kill Myself over the facts. It was a hard thing to say no and push you away like that but I reel like I did good today. We better still be hanging ou soon my love! Alone. Photo will be of waiting at the bus stop today.