Friday, March 5, 2010

Unexpected Journey

So forgive me for the days where I am juggled between happiness and being upset.. Its become so simple for me to be sAs about the slightrsts things After this terrible week of murdered expectations, it became so easy for me to feel negatively about anything. Yes, my reasons may have been stupid and (not)understandable, but I am a person of emotions.. Part of me needs to learn how to just let things not get to me.. Just not eveerry single thing. So we finally got off our butts and planned to go to Newport Mall with his brother: one of the funniest guys everr. We had to wait until he got out of work at 6 so i spend the mean time with you in. Comic book store in Newark. It was my first time stepping foot into one and theres a vibe that I really like about th. There's this vintage happiness that circulates throughe about being able to manually search through filed boxes of endless comic books. Anyways, he finally got out of work and we were off. No lie, he is one of the funnieat people I have ever met. At first, my feelings couldnt help but fluxuate because i felt like the 3rd wheel between you and your brother.. I also felt sad because between u and me, some jokes could not be taken "as a . Overall tonight was good. There were timea with all I could do was laugh.. Other times I thought different. Tonight coukdve been so much better if i learned to let go of silly feelings.. I love you with all my heart, mind, and soul lol I really eant to do this again with ypu <3