Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mr. Fixit

Good god..its been another crap day.. but resolve has found its way around the corner tonight. i really pray tomorrow pulls through.. and i can keep some composure..some optimism together for -us- . The negative and positive parts of being so open collided over time.. I became so open and comfortable with letting out my feelings that i couldnt completely see yours. Then I asked you to be completely honest about what you were thinking and how my actions and behavior has been upsetting you. The good shone through your truthful answer and with that I can create thoughts thats turn into opinions -for change. I pray for a day - better. Oh and apparently the ex finally want to become aquainted..we'll see how this pans out tomorrw. Photo to be uploaded is of ..crap i cant remember what picture I took..OH. hahaha its of the random drawing i did on the pile of boxes in the band room. Its pretty hot.