Friday, March 12, 2010


"Today was an okay day. I definitely had time with you, maybe less than an hour. It felt like less. It's been so long since I've been to your house and for minutes before you called say to come up, I thought you were going to tell me off go home or find someone else to hang out with because some one's home. I told you that I really don't like that feeling and so I think to myself..that if it happened so often, it would become something I'm used to. That's nothing anyone should be used to. I'm definitely not caving into my old whining self; I'm just stating my mind. Today I feel like we slipped a bit.. that when I first got to your house, you were still upset about something. I think that's where I'm at fault too. I shouldn't bother to always feel what you feel. Instead, when you're down, I need to be the one who's cheery to cheer you up again. Anyways, after leaving, I got picked up by Olga for a ride home and I ended up tagging along for a trip to Mickey D's :D Much fun driving around with her. It was the first time she's been through a drive thru AND her first almost accident 0_0 haha Photo's of the new amazing game me and Jaelynn made up in history LOL."