Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beginning Le Sabre!

As discussed in the previous post, I have begun band camp. This day was day numero 2. I can't say anything was too different but the weather sure was the same! HOT. HOT. and. HOT >.> All I can tell you is that my tanlines are improving and hey, theres nothing we can do about it is there? On that Tuesday, I remember being able to feel the heat burning my skin tone 2 shades darker than it already was. I knew that when I would get home and look in the mirror before jumping into the shower, I would find a greater contrast in what my skin looks like now to what it did only three days ago. Oh, I also started spinning sabre that night as well! Our instructors came that night and pulled us separate from the rest of the guard. Shannon, Jaelynn, Regina, and I were about to begin weapon basics. We stood in a small block of four, in first position, with best posture possible. I borrowed an extra pair of Shannon's guard gloves, being that I lost my own pair earlier into last season. Booyyyyyyy did those glove smell bad! They've been through seasons of lots of sweat! Blegh, thinking of it doesn't give me a good feeling. I stood in the back line, with my sabre at a good left flat, as we began to do basics. PJ only asked for one count, but I still felt that nervous butterflies feeling in my stomach. It was not that I had never practiced with a sabre before, but it was the first actual practice where I was spinning with others and not at home. Also, as I stood in the back I look at the other three girls and thought, "Wow, it feel like our first day all over again..". Despite how long any of us had been spinning, we were all in the same scenario right now. We were all equally quiet; no egos were shooting into the sky, and no one was being a smart ass. At first, he said to do simple spins. Then, he moved up to blade tosses (which I love!) singles, doubles, then triples. NEXT, we jumped to regular tosses: singles, doubles, triples, quads, fives, sixes.. oh then we stopped there because we couldn't go any higher. haha. I just thought it was crazy how he was making us do all that in one day! We're spinning sabre in this year's show, and all I can hope for is to be as good as possible!