Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So All We Have To Do Is Get Through Practice, Right?

That Tuesday, Belleville's colorguard had everything to look forward to. All we had to do was get through a straight 9AM-5PM and our reward was at hand. We would be swimming in Kelly's relaxing pool after a hard days work and making t-shirts. Easy, right? Thats what I thought, too.
That day was a tough one. We were out on the field doing drill and putting new saber work with it. There is this one part of the drill at the end of the first number where the saber line tosses a quad while moving quickly into a diagonal. The order is Jaelynn, Me, Shannon, and Regina. From what I heard, Shannon tosses her quad and was still moving back, while Regina who was behind her, tosses and stopped in place. I turn around to find a bleeding forehead on my Captain. Everyone on the field stood quietly, watching. Apparently, Shannon and Regina's sabres collided in the air and one hit her. It was pretty crazy. I thought to myself, "Wow, I thought today was going to be easy. I didn't know bloodshed was part of it." Apparently she came back a while later after finding medical assistance ready to continue practice. She is such a trooper!

We eventually got through the day and relaxed at Kelly's house and in her pool. When I changed in the bathroom, she had a full-sized mirror which allowed me to examine my amazing tan lines. It was as if I wore a bodysuit ll summer! Shirt making was hectic, trying to find room.. but hey we got it done.