Monday, August 31, 2009

Photobooth Failure



Alright well today I cleaned when I woke up, and it was a chill day. Whenever I clean I love to blast music and just have a beat. Then, I watched Dracula as a Free Movie on Comcast On Demand. It really cleared up the story for me because I tried to read the novel a few years ago and all I can remember is my eyelids drooping!

Tonight came around and I went to the mall with my parents and sister. I was really hoping it would be my sister and i in the front seats, but my dad insisted to drive. I don't understand this because he didn't want to come in the first place! I was really hoping to go to Garden State Plaza because there is so much more variety with all the stores. I was hoping to go to Urban Outfitter, but that wish failed as well. So here we are at Willowbrook Mall, as usual, and we split up. I stuck with my sister and wandered around. We conquered the second floor in about 10 minutes, just going in and out of stores. I wasn't really in the shopping mood, but I liked being there anyway! We went to a store called Pink-O, which made me feel skeptical. It was one of those small quaint stores that don't get a lot of attention. As it turns out, the place is pretty chill with some nice prices! The cashier there was also very chill! She joked around about the own necklace I purchaced and how she actually wanted it, and how there is a matching dress fron Daffy's that would go so well. We found our way to Hot Topic where I found this amazing backpack! TMNT ftw! It reminds me of how last Halloween, Jaelynn, Ana, Abby, and I made our own cardboard shells that were very epic, I will admit! It was also kind of funny because all day my sister was trying to take pictured of herself on her phone. Every one just came out bad, but when I took the picture it looked great! :D Its just the natural touch. just kidding. lol

Oh then on the way back, I wanted for my sister to drive, so we could go to Coldstone, but my father being the party pooper drove home. Ugh, today was bad with my eating. I ate about two muffins, chicken, two cresceants, Nutella with Skyflakes, and oh god much more. >.> To think, I wanted to work out earlier this morning! Its a sign: this is the reason why I CAN'T stay home!!! The fridge and the pantry become my best friends! Or maybe its another sign: maybe my other friend is coming. >.>

btw. My parents are cute. :)